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51 best creative island Fortnite


One of the keys to success Fortnite its ability to adapt, During the eight seasons that the island, who jumped successful pioneer Battle Royale witnessed all kinds of crossovers, natural disasters, and temporary space, big events, and all kinds of Var & # 39; yatav things. And despite all this, the greatest genius is found in creative island.

creative mode with Fortnite it expanded generously offering card games and challenges Create your player communityYou just need a reliable motor, the right tools and let your imagination. But the best part is that, with the correct code, You can get access to any of these miracles.

in Destructoid We have separated the wheat from the chaff, so that you can travel in the best creative Fortnite islands. We are on the & # 39; drove dozens of worlds and have developed a wide range, which consists of 51 experience, accompanied by his code.

How do I get access to creative island in Fortnite?

How to solve these islands do not have too much of a mystery, although we believe offer maximum pleasure and all the necessary informationSo, we developed a simple three-step guide so that you can get access to any creation that you see on our list.

The easiest access by selecting creative mode from the interface of the game. although Fortnite Battle Royale has all kinds of changes and events that add color to the proposal and which can be selected from the menu. If we start with a creative mode, we'll be two steps away from our goal.

Fortnite 20190429232116

You can not miss: the third option, just below the Battle Royale

Fortnite 20190429232257

Furthermore, it is possible to access with the mode switch

Once the game started We will have four hours in advance, to explore freely in this mode, Do not worry, if the time is done, as it is sufficient to re-enter the main menu.

From now on, we will approach any cracks that lead to a recommended by its own creations and epic, instead of entering, click the button shown and points to the "island Set code".

Fortnite 20190429232756

Finally, just type 12-digit code It is displayed in the menu.

Fortnite 20190429232813

How to find codes are? Do not worry, we'll take care of that: here is our selection of the best islands in the currently played back on Fortnite.

Island with sports and mini-games

Between games, you always thank additional diversityAnd creative way we will pass very well served. Here you will find a complete and easy gameplay experience, from the kind of adaptation of the classic game of goose up Mini Golf.

Sports facilities in air hockey kind of pinball in which we will score. Better? You can enjoy games by yourself or invite other players to join the game.

  • name: HOO BALLER PINBALL 2,0
  • Island Code: 7783-5002-0010

  • name: Air Hockey
  • Island Code: 6174-2557-2929

  • name: What are the graffiti?
  • Island Code: 7033-8253-2853

  • name: Climb and slide the board game
  • Island Code: 9678-3003-4723

  • name: Fortnite Rainbow drip
  • Island Code: 5818-4876-6080

  • name: mini golf
  • Island Code: 6297-1471-3952

Island hit fine and pure shootout

Sometimes one takes too much time to find the enemy FortniteIt's not bad, of course, but if you want to practice marksmanship, as if they want to spend all the ammunition during the game, we have exactly what you want.

Experience a measuring, testing for snipers and those who want to test their habildad, Horde modes, environmental issues, and all that is connected with a floor shooters beat code. We have shown the way, Survival depends on you.

  • name: horde
  • Island Code: 9225-6446-8380

  • name: Prison Dungeon Finale (RPG)
  • Island Code: 9627-0529-5898

  • name: Fiend Rooftop survival
  • Island Code: 7483-4658-0658

  • name: Gauntlet – Sniper vs Runners v2
  • Island Code: 9476-5352-2150

  • name: volcanic Hunters
  • Island Code: 1477-9776-3840

  • name: In Grapplin «Sniper Arena
  • Island Code: 9543-2039-8415

  • name: MW2 Highrise
  • Island Code: 9318-1308-7031

  • name: CallMeCypher in FFA Snipes
  • Island Code: 9780-4459-4229

car & # 39; EPA island

Walking, golf carts or dragging and dropping ice cubes. The competitive element of the Epic Battle Royale gets a complete revolution in this collection of islands, where Our speed is imposed on our ability to survive.

Fortnite He went from being one of the few Battle Royale without vehicles, to add a few carriages, which have received a lot of play on the playground. And that was only the beginning: Epic still include clunker that rise.

As a result, these schemes a great alternative to the correct mode of driving game and cries.

  • name: crash Kingdom
  • Island Code: 1756-3237-4133

  • name: Fortnite Rocket League Updated
  • Island Code: 0126-5399-4995

  • name: SNES Rainbow Road Remake
  • Island Code: 4110-6576-3634

  • name: ReelizzZ Final Run Slide
  • Island Code: 9266-0794-0880

  • name: Peajell and Billy Raceway
  • Island Code: 5243-9936-8449

  • name: X13 reactor
  • Island Code: 8485-7723-1273

  • name: Int. Snipe station FFA
  • Island Code: 6752-0807-9594

  • name: Castle Bowser – Mario Kart 64
  • Island Code: 2126-6511-3388

  • name: Volcano Island Ball
  • Island Code: 1567-1631-9743

  • name: Fury Racing – Snow Summit
  • Island Code: 1731-2660-6859

  • name: Deathrun race
  • Island Code: 8398-9573-5494

  • name: Megatrack Survival Race
  • Island Code: 4565-3085-7481

Islands Musical Content

On these islands, you will not be playing in the throat, they art that activates your movement, Then you will see iconic songs created by playing instruments. From the main theme game of thrones a very special cover PewDiePie celebration.

We also include some rarities that can interpret himself in this call pianola Fortnitetheme Megalovania with Undertale? there is a song Tom and Jerry? ¿bohemian Rapsody? The & # 39; ve found them all.

  • name: Game Of Thrones – Music and The Dragon –
  • Island Code: 8955-1083-9097

  • name: Bohemian Rhapsody cover CampYzY
  • Island Code: 9286-7828-1801

  • name: Undertale Megalovania on Malloumario
  • Island Code: 3104-4279-0405

  • name: Take On Me CampYzY cover
  • Island Code: 1067-4531-2187

  • name: Subject guile by Malloumario
  • Island Code: 2624-6154-3750

  • name: PewDiePie – Congratulations MUSIC BOX
  • Island Code: 2898-8752-8027

  • name: Tom and Jerry Introduction Thread
  • Island Code: 5076-4783-2442

  • name: Super Mario Bros Theme
  • Island Code: 9888-6964-0899

  • name: All Star (Marsh)
  • Island Code: 6719-0015-4274

  • name: Noisestorm – Crab Rave
  • Island Code: 8552-3258-2013

  • name: Marshmello and Anne-Marie – FRIENDS
  • Island Code: 8348-0870-1264

Islands of Adventure and labyrinths

all types of calls You are waiting for the next round of the islands. With plataformeras proposals in an open environment to complex structures need to be addressed something so simple, how to avoid them.

In these lines you will find offers a wide range of playable they are also & # 39 are the best example of what the gaming community can create with the right tools.

  • name: travel
  • Island Code: 5330-4540-9588

  • name: Aztec Treasure Hunt Great Pyramid
  • Island Code: 7860-4890-4356

  • name: Genius Maze (Bonus Edition)
  • Island Code: 6351-9486-5776

  • name: Slides and doors escape the maze 4
  • Island Code: 3107-4191-8051

  • name: Final Death Doom Game
  • Island Code: 8367-8160-7062

  • name: Beanstalk
  • Island Code: 6187-2078-9416

  • name: Cizzorz Death Maze / Escape
  • Island Code: 4041-8511-7061

  • name: escape Maze
  • Island Code: 4271-2914-0800

  • name: Nightmare hotel
  • Island Code: 1844-8990-6126

  • name: Dungeon prison escape
  • Island Code: 2575-5726-2170

  • name: Prison Dungeon 2 – Virtue
  • Island Code: 2575-5726-2170

  • name: Storm attacks 2.0
  • Island Code: 2448-2790-3507

  • name: temple Run
  • Island Code: 5001-0003-6492

Weezer island

For example, if Weezer released their last album we have not seen to wait in Fortnite. and The way he had presented workshops: A huge island with attractions, castles, a kind of tunnel witches and even a huge radiocasete presiding over the strange hoverboard track.

  • name: Weezer World!
  • Island Code: 1349-5880-2084

We close this list with one of our favorite islands. Better? This is just the beginning genius come barrage. And apparently, we will closely follow the developments.

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