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A small cameo was yes and was not in The Avengers: Endgame


During the events Avengers: Endgamand there is little reference to the universe Marvel films and comics, as the name used when Steve Rogers scenes of the movie, or & # 39; the appearance of the original Ant-Man helmet. They are not a lot throughout the film, but no more relevant.

In this area, the authors endgameChristopher Markus and Stephen McPhee, has revealed that the saga of infinity can be included in one moment for a space character comics: living Tribunal.

"We are trying to put the Living Tribunal in the first film. We write the scene that a & # 39 appeared during the battle on Titan. And they were like, "he said Markus told The New York Times. For his part, he noted that the nature of McFGeely «has three heads would point to a completely different level architecture of the universe, and I think it was too much to just throw it out there."

In the comics, the Living Tribunal & # 39 is a powerful cosmic entity, which is roughly a & # 39 is a judge in the universe balance. Thus, the all-powerful on the & # 39; The object with the & # 39 is the only defining moments and power is such that it is able to override the infinity gems, among many other things.

Spoilers below.

Although the authors also explain why characters such as the X-Men or Netflix defenders not on & # 39 in the same note, there in the middle of the final battle, the team led by the brothers Rousseau, when they were able to add Howard the Duck.

Of course, with his & # 39; appearance on sight reached to close. But it's there, right in La Avispa, when Ravagers and other characters join the battle against the forces of Thanos.

In fact, social networks around the following images, which make it clear that their presence is almost imperceptible:

Obviously, when something Avengers: EndGame up the domestic market, many eye on every detail of the scene, using the button to pause the action, because too many things on the screen.


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