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By 2019, trends that will determine the industry and business technology transformation will be related to digital business and infrastructure, digital workplaces, the future and technology services, according to the latest Tech Trends report by Dimension Data, global technology integrators, and suppliers. managed services for 8 billion dollars.

In the document, the group's technology director, Ettienne Reinecke, said that "next year will see how digital transformation comes true and project a series of disruptions throughout the industry as innovative companies see the fruits of your long-term project."

Projects involving digital transformation will begin to become a reality thanks to the maturity of innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the automation of robotic processes.

When commenting on reports, Ettienne Reinecke He said that "until now, our industry has talked about innovative technology from theory, without giving a clear picture of how these powerful new tools will be used. Examples are analytical, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and containers, only to some names."

In addition, the executive added that "the adoption of disruptive technology is expanding and its adoption is growing steadily. Next year we will see the most innovative companies that show examples of very impressive digital transformation and many more that will come to the market in the next three years. will be very integrated into the main processes and technologies that we use, which we will consider common. 2019 will be a respite between innovation pioneers and simple followers, starting to see significant changes in power in all industries. "

The Tech Trends 2019 report from Dimension Data has been developed by company technology experts and also identified Four other trends that will determine the technological landscape of business next year:

  • Automation of the robot process will change customer experience:Exponential growth in the automation of robotic processes, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and heuristic neural networks, will give companies the ability to combine scenarios, improve understanding and make predictive decisions in real time on needs and behavior. from the client.

    The organization will focus on cloud-based cybersecurity platforms: Constant cybersecurity failures that occur in 2018 will make cloud-based security providers gain momentum in 2019. Cloud-based protection systems are built with open APIs, which means that the security team can integrate new technologies into the cloud. the platform quickly and with relative ease. This will ensure that customers can follow the rapidly changing threat landscape.

  • Infrastructure will be programmed from end to end:The company will begin to subscribe to various platforms in the cloud and will increase the use of software as a service (SaaS). End-to-end programming capabilities mean that organizations can quickly adapt to changes in the business landscape and demand more applications and their data.
  • Applications will be more intelligent and personalized:Next year we will see applications collecting information from users and making changes in their own functions to improve customer experience. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will play an important role in helping employees work more productively.
  • The data value will be the center of the universe of values:In 2019, the focus will increasingly shift to the real value of the data, encouraging new searches for combining telemetry, gathering and enriching data. This is one that will form the center of true digital transformation and will be a source of new revenue streams that will surpass traditional income. This will lead to changes in information architecture, with the need to make important data that starts increasing IT investment.


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