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Aircraft "nightmare" by Meghan Harry tightening moves to its multi-million dollar homes | TV and Entertainment


At the end of last year it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II gave to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle house located in Frogmore House, Windsor, to make their lives.

This date is considered that the marriage should be already living there expecting their first child, however, there are some details that delayed remodeling movement.

Among the changes they have made to the property has been the addition of a yoga studio, new fireplaces in the bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, shelves, and a number of other changes that have a high cost of three million dollars, that is, more than two billion Chilean pesosWho will be covered by the Sovereign Grant, which is funded by taxpayers.

But, of course, that was the worst nightmare a couple in the midst of these works with the & # 39 is the noise of the aircraft, so that the insulation with & # 39 is a matter that must be fully closed before implementing changes.

According to the assigned average British Daily Mail, a couple is ready to spend 58,000 euros (44 million pesos) soundproof property. By itself, this figure would be Prince pocket.

Among the measures, including triple-glazed windows to block out the sound of 14 flights that fly over the area of ​​one mile around your house and every half hour, the product close to Heathrow International Airport.

This failure may extend the work of up to 4 weeks longer than expected, so Meghan Markle could move only a few days before giving birth.

It should be noted that the decision of the Dukes of Sussex, to reiterate what I said a source in The Sun, ensuring that the vapor requirements are so high that workers work indefinitely, and even ignoring the bad weather & # 39; e. This situation can put Meghan back into the center of criticism and is determined as a stubborn and moody person.

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