Friday , June 25 2021

Alfonso Parot shouted Cup champion Argentina Rosario Central

Argentina has the Champions Cup in 2018 and called the Rosario Central. Chilean team Alfonso Parot beat on penalties in the final against Gimnasia Esgrima in-La Plata and won the crown. After 1-1 in 90 minutes, the fraudsters were more accurate and took victory with 12 steps 4-1.

Chilean Parot played a good game and scored with 12 steps in determiningAs one of the key for his team, led by former Argentina coach of the team, Baus factor.

Goals came from Fernando Zampedri (19 & # 39;) and Lorenzo Faravelli (52 & # 39;)In a very even match, where no one could overcome opponents in the regular time because of nervousness there is a lot at stake.

In the end, Wolf could win the title with former UC santiago SilvaBut villains keeper avoided as healthy. Thus, they went to the determination of the criminal records to decide the champion.

In this case, Central was better, and killed all their penalties to take the win 4-1, leaving Gimnasia with a desire to become the champion of the official Argentine football tournament for the first time in history, At the same time, rascals have not won the title since 1995 CONMEBOL Cup and broke the jinx loss of the last three finals of this tournament.

Now, Couple Rosary and qualified for the next Copa Libertadores, which must ratify them is a great achievement in the international arena. Congratulations poncho.

It is time to triumph and Rosario Central

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