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Amazon Web Services will develop the infrastructure in Colombia is very fast


Amazon confirmed that the investment in the creation of the location of the net for the AMC in the country, which will benefit the end customer.

Amazon continues to demonstrate its interest in Colombia as an important moment in the region. Just last year, we learned that the company will open its first customer service office and counteracts many employees. Apparently the plans will not be there, It recently announced that it will develop a new infrastructure in the country.

This was stated by the company in the Amazon Web Services Summit (AWS), which took place in Bogotá this week. It is not necessary to know exactly what this, AWS provides computing services in the cloud that allows others to be contained therein. In other words, organizations such as Bancolombia, ICFES or MercadoLibre value AWS provide their services to end users.

Jeffrey Kratz was given to the decision, the regional director of the AMC of the public sector in Latin America. In particular, he noted that Amazon will be invested by the end of 2019 in a country, in order to make room new network edge in Colombia.

But what is it? Amazon Web Services is a clear distinction between the different regions of the world. Among them Availability zone where its physical server, or so-called data centers, At the same time, the location of the boundary network & # 39; is a structure situated in a specific place, allowing low latency connection. In other words, have local infrastructure, services, covers AWS will have higher transfer rates with its customers.

Until now, there were only five network edge locations in Latin America. All are located in Brazil, so this decision will affect very positively Colombia.

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But that was not all. The conference, which was also attended by President Ivan Duque, Amazon announced that it will work with the National Service (CEN) provide training to a large number of young people.

2000 students will be trained in the cloud, This is to encourage talents and to promote the digital transformation in the country. Education will support, together with the Government and Amazon.

With this in mind, the President thanked the work of the company to turn its attention to Colombia and to invest in local projects.

Amazon Web Services will develop the infrastructure in Colombia is very fast

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