ANFP sanctions against Colo Colo made Esteban Paredes out of the rest of the tournament – National football


© Agent One The penalty from ANFP against Colo Colo left Esteban Paredes out of the rest of the tournament

Cacique returned late to the playing field in his final match against Palestino. As a sanction, the captain of Albo, who was sent off, added the tenth yellow card in the tournament so the final duel against Universidad de Concepción was also lost. Tvn


Unusual, to say the least. Colo Colo will crown a semester to be forgotten at the national level with the absence of the maximum goalscorer and symbol, Esteban Paredes, on the final day of the tournament.

Not counting the expulsion he suffered against the Palestinians and that eliminated him playing against Huachipato, the albos captain added a suspension of other suspension as a result of administrative sanctions imposed by ANFP on Cacique for leaving the field late. in a match against an Arab team.

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