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Ariel Levy viewers attack the infidelity in Alexandra «Resistiré»


Reality Mega «Resistiré» not only is characterized by stiff competition faced by its competitors, but also for the love songs that occur in prisons.

Who was involved in the relationship was the People's Artist of Ariel Levy, who began a relationship with Alexandra Monsalve.

However, even though the couple was one of the most stable programs in Chapter Levy on Monday he was wrong to Colombia without shame drops.

This happened after his team won the Mexican Fiesta, where the entrance was shot a few shots of tequila, which is wrong, and soon "play kisses".

Here's how an actor kissed Sarah on more than one occasion, and did not hide this act, because the on-site Alexandrov, her current partner during childbirth.

mega grip

mega grip

The audience did not pass this act and presented his defense through Twitter. Here you can see some of the reactions:

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