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Arnica can help fight colon cancer


Mexican researchers found that arnica, The plant used as antinflamatorio, Has high efficacy against cell colon cancerThe most common in the world with 700,000 annual cases of death quarter, showed National Autonomous University of Mexico (the NAU).

The investigation is headed by Daniel Araiza, PhD Biomedical Sciences biomacromolecules department and Guillermo Delgado has, Department of Natural products in chemistry InstituteAccording to him, the NAU.

Researchers have found that arnica Mexican(Heterotheca inuloides) Has a toxic effect on cancer cellshe said the NAU about World Day Against Colon Cancer, To commemorate 31 March.

"Given that this evil can be promoted inflammation chronicle gut, Molecules that escape to seek inflammation"Araiza said in a statement released the NAU.

The doctor said that the study looks at the impact of these derivatives arnica They have a "signal transduction and metabolic level by cell rectal adenocarcinoma. "

It is assumed that these molecules are "targeted" tumor cells, Current procedures are explained in detail with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, side effects, affecting cell healthy and You cancer.

this type of cancer It is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cell in any area dvukrop & # 39; e or straight.

You can start as benign tumor It called "adenomatous polyps"And become cancerous with the passage of time. statistics Cancer Institute of Mexico and Institute of Public HealthShows that 95% of them river They start in the mucus glands of production, protects the inside of dvukrop & # 39; e and straight, Called adenocarcinoma.

"Nobody knows for sure what causes it, but it is closely related to lifestyle, genetic mutations or changes in metabolism," explains Dr. Araiza.

Colon Cancer It occurs in equal proportions of men and women; People with aobrepeso or obesityWith a little physical activity, a diet low in fiber are high in fat, carbohydrates and processed meat, he said.

their symptoms there are changes in defecation -diarreas, constipation, thinner stools, rectal bleeding, dark stools, cramping, abdominal pain, weakness and fatigue, the constant feeling of the need for a bowel movement, said the NAU.

Araiza said it should consider whether there are patients inflammatory bowel disease and family antecedenes and called people over 50 years old with this symptoms which will be reviewed on a periodic basis.

"If a patient is diagnosed at an early stage, the recovery rate is very high," the researcher.

Mexican Arnica (Heterotheca inuloides) Is less toxic than its European counterpart (bathing suit) And it is widely used in Mexico for antinflamatorio, Disinfectant, analgesic and anti-respiratory diseases.

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