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Arrival of Apollo 11 on the Moon: The stories of how he lived the feat 50 years ago – BBC News


Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin, may have been the first people who went to the moon, but they were not alone.

This July 20, 1969 Live 650 million people watched historic exploit Apollo 11, according to NASA data.

We asked our readers how they lived at that time, and we have received a number of stories and images.

There are several Colombian adolescents who have committed aircraft missiles (and almost damaged the mayor and the commander of the city police) Uruguayan, who met Armstrong and dined with him.

Here we share some of the best stories of our readers, as they told them.

"Armstrong dinners in dining room with all of us "

Irina Nikolai (Montevideo, Uruguay)

He was 24 years old, and he was awarded a scholarship in the language lab, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA.

On that day, We were about 15 or 20 Latinos from Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and BrazilI am sitting in front of a black and white TV, watching the event with his mouth open.

I remember waiting to see from the & # 39; Congress astronauts out of the capsule and of a slow and a floating body in space.

We come the next step on the moon and make the first steps. I have heard: "Oh, my God, this is the reality?".

I remember realizing that I was in such an important date in the country, which has reached this achievement, and in the country of these three men.

Pitcher Irene Nicholas
Irina Nicholas holds a jar with a cover of the local newspaper of the city, where Armstrong was born, he tells of the heroism of Apollo 11.

In August of the same year I went to Springfield, Ohio, to study at the University of Wittenberg. Neil Armstrong was born in Vapakonetse, a small town in the state, almost in the city, very close to Springfield.

Armstrong was invited by the University of to give a lecture about his experiences, Talk at noon, and then he had dinner in the dining room with all of us.

I was able to greet him. I thought that the man very simple, very humble, very soft voice.

I remember the hat, and he shook hands with hundreds of students, especially foreigners. I still have a pitcher that day.

"I gave it to my children, and I'm waiting for the moment to do it with my grandson"

Magin Serfaty (Caracas, Venezuela)

July 20, 1969 I have a fresh mind. For 10 years I was left with 6 days.

Most of the guys were super fanatic of space flight, and it was collected: albums, magazines, etc. In addition, we carry out the mission as best as possible.

While the first satellite antenna was opened in Venezuela, which was located in the city center Kamatagua, the central zone of the country.

And the first direct broadcast satellite, With good quality and in black and white, have been made a few days before the Apollo 11 taking off.

20 I was a Sunday and since the beginning of the evening broadcast all broadcast by private TV channel Radio Caracas Television. Rene was a leading official Ottalina best showman that there has been the Venezuelan television.

Magin Serfaty and his sister
"I am a boy, but for me – my sister," – said Magin Serfaty.

The house was the family & # 39; I: my father, my mother, grandmother, two older brothers, an uncle and neighbors with their children. This is what the biggest TV we had. but really we were all made up.

To the extent that they explain what is happening, we all applauded, even though such images were terrible, Between poor reception and horrible transfer it was similar to that seen ghosts at night with a lot of static.

Rather, when Armstrong caught the moon, this image was fatal. You almost did not see anything. But we still applauding. And I remember that they are also celebrated in other houses.

Here in Caracas, it was an incredible thing. all waiting.

I think that the one who was really more informed about everything, it's me. He read everything possible within a few years, so he explains what is happening. And if he did not know he invented.

It was like two or three hours, when I was stuck on the screen without moving.

I remember very well the difference between walking and Armstrong Aldryna: Armstrong was hard, but Aldrin jumped! It was unbelievable.

Landing on the moon seen from the TV at the time.
Landing on the moon, as seen on the TV screen at a time.

I think that, without a doubt, the greatest moment – when they showed a flag and the Lunar Module is visible. This and the fact that a completely black space background.

I still dream about this moment. I gave it to my children and I wait for the moment to do it with my grandsonWho for almost a month.

For me it is an honor to be the generation and to live it. We were supposed to be passing something wonderful.

And then came the Woodstock in August of the same year. But this is another story …

"The only neighbor is a TV made a special function and increased the cost of revenues"

Karl Garver (Lima, Peru)

I was 10 years old, and I saw it on television, Mr. Tipacti. he was the only neighbor who had a black and white television, With the antenna of about four meters, stands on the roof of the house.

His aim was to charge a few cents Peruvian sun to enter the living room of his house to watch TV programs sitting on the floor.

At the time it was Special feature at dawn, so the revenues increased.

After a while, I think it was a big "business" for all because of the spectacular nature experience.

Carl Garver childhood
Carl Garver went to see in the adventures of Johnny Quest in the house of Mr. Tipakti, which then saw the land, "Apollo 11" on the Moon.

The room Mr. Tipacti was filled with at least 60 people, which were distributed to the first third of weekend passes at home or the place where you can have eye contact with a TV.

It was unforgettable, On the screen, they have repeatedly name of astronaut Neil Armstrong as "the first man who stepped on the moon", instantly, when we all applauded in this excitement.

As if we were applauded in the same room, Jonny Quest (cartoons of the time), mounted on its "flying saucer", successfully evading enemy air attacks, arrived by ship, like "flying bank".

Or, as his father, Dr. Benton Quest, a scientist who worked by the US government, came to his assistance, always on time, flying with a jet backpack motor movement, attached to the back.

But that day, we welcome, because Neil Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface.

This is what we talked about space flights, where each of us voiced event assumptions. The boundaries of the real and the imaginary become permeable. So really that apparent.

"He planted the passion that inspired us on the rocket"

Ricardo Galindo Flores (Ibague, Colombia)

I was 16 years old and lived in the now extinct village of Armero, Colombia.

I remember that very fact was the event: in our area it was mounted the biggest TV that existed, Sony 20 "black and white image.

We watched about 200 people. The signal was lost for a moment, but we waited patiently and when we returned, we broke out.

Today I feel pride and pleasure It was to some extent a party to the human feat.

The event even brought me a passion for astronomy and space travel, but also in the city.

Ricardo Galindo next to rocket home
"We called the rocket JOFER X 1" – said Ricardo Galindo.

In December 1969, the boys of secondary school age have started a number of investigations and inventions throw away from the atmosphere drone instrument.

It was an adventure based on little knowledge of physics and chemistry, which are studied at the bachelor's, so It is expected that he will not succeed.

Design and mechanics rocket were simple. They consisted of a metal tube with the lower fins, complete black powder divided into two tank: was first fuse and the second, which had slightly more sulfur and compressed powder, used for movement of a rocket.

Electronic Engineering also had its charm, and for this two car batteries were used. To expand the activities as a board with lamps and switches has been developed.

It was attended by about 3,000 people, including the mayor and the police commander.

Counting was done through a megaphone and reaching zero, all waited for the noise … but nothing. Flame was released.

The crowd began to worry and look at us with suspicion.

A homemade rocket Ricardo Galindo
As a result of the explosion, which caused the rocket home, no one was hurt.

After solving the problem, he transferred to the second counter, this time successfully reaching the start.

but Success was certainly not part of our, Because the rocket slowly glided through the pipes, which served as the leadership, and only when a second charge of powder was running, he was able to free himself without going through exactly where were the mayor and the police commander.

they seeing as uncontrolled device comes in and shoots the fire, they ran out of fear.

The mayor was confused plunged his head into the tank for horses fences with barbed wire, and the police commander.

"We were hyperactive, and we have seen it, because they sent us to the music hall"

Titov Sigfryda Lapes Aguilar (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

He studied the last kindergarten class in the "House of child № 4" Society Guatemalan children's protection.

This is one of the houses, which takes children from birth until they go to primary school. I joined in June 1966, 2 years and 4 months.

Joaquin Medina My friend, without knowing it, we were hyperactive, and the only ones who did not sleep during the day, Then they sent us to the music room to read magazines and reviews schoolwork.

Titov Sigfryda Lapez Aguilar as a child
Tsitovu Sigfrydu Lapesu Aguilar lucky to see that the moon landing was hyperactive and not dotyknulasya.

On the day when Neil Armstrong put his boot on the lunar surface, we were 5 years and 5 months, and, in our good fortune, we were in the room to see the TV in this unforgettable moment.

It was an unforgettable memory for our lives. Year after year, we remember this episodeBecause I am and Joaquin are still friends and brothers.

But this episode of the space race not only marked my life.

This is what the names of my brothers and mnany of the first three astronauts, My older brother – Yuri Stewart, in honor of Yuri Gagarin. mine Titov Siegfried after German Titov; and Annie Vladimir in honor of Vladimir Komarov.

My dad was fond of the Soviet Union and the names found in the magazine life Spanish, on the center of the page, I had a description of space missions: left and right of the USSR United States.

My dad collected the magazines, and kept them for over 30 years, until the years have passed, and the mats are not finished.

"Although I was not able to be an astronaut, I have not given up the dream of traveling into space"

Juan Eduardo Montiveros (Misiones, Argentina)

I attended the fourth grade of primary school, and our teacher gave us the task to carry out activities, amounting to report violations of journalistic events and milestones.

I saw it with my parents on TV, in the company of my family & # 39; and and I remember it vividly.

The Sunday, July 20, with three hours of the day, I carefully entered on landing in the lunar module Eagle, which took about 18 or 20 minutes after 4 in the afternoon.

Although we were all delighted and expectations The most important point was the following.

I mean the moment when the mission commander Neil Armstrong stepped out of the module and it would be kicked to the lunar surface. It happened about 11 am on Sunday.

Juan Eduardo Montiveros childhood.
Juan Eduardo Manteraseros was 8 years old, when there was a landing on the moon, and he still wants to go into space today.

Images on television, which, because they were not colored (Argentina would include the technology only in 1978, on the occasion of the World Cup) were unclear.

But the same is different astronaut descending the stairs module and voice excluded The speaker translates words from English into Spanish, who had heard enough to interfere with the transmission.

So I understand the famous phrase of Neil Armstrong: "A small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", and its first opinion on the lunar surface, taking its first steps in this, "coal and slag" "

I remember it exactly, because I wrote it in their practical work, and the teacher singled him in class, as it was the only one who wrote it in writing.

Then over time, I realized that not all of my colleagues could see the landing on the moon, because they did not have TV at home. Thus the device may be from 97 thousand. Up to 115 thousand. Peso cash.

In times past, you might have read in the newspapers of the time and on television advertising, which states, for example, that Kodak was going to "reveal the secrets of the moon."

This historic feat and the school work I have created a deep interest in astronautics, astronomy and space vehicles. The although Mr.or I could become an astronaut, I have not given up the dream of traveling into space.

Today I work in teaching and trying to convey to his disciples, that we are waiting for the last frontier, space, and that we must go forward through the impossible.

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