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As it is a fatal disease and asymptomatic transmitting bug besucón


CDC warns of the presence of these dangerous insects in the country

the problem of suffering besucón bug bite to bite does not in itself, but scratching or touching the rash and thereby obtaining a dangerous condition that can lead to death.

How is the disease fatal and silent transmitting bug kisser?

While it is insect silently suck your blood while you sleep, defecate in the wound. In faeces precipitates a parasite that, when entering into your body through saliva, your eyes or noseThis can affect your heart, muscles and tissues: the Chagas disease. So what's the worst thing you can do to detect this insect bite, scratch, or touching and immediately rub your eyes or put your fingers in your mouth or nose.

symptoms of Chagas

Despite what is widely known as a bug besucón disease develops, not all the people who were bitten triatominae beetle Chagas, who may be affected if they are compressed as follows:

Bedbug kisser.
  • severe arrhythmias, which can cause sudden death.
  • Suffer most course.
  • enlarged heart prevents proper blood pumping in your body.
  • digestive problems sur & # 39; ozna.

besucón bug so named because, as a rule, bites around the mouth of their victims, making it easier to infection by a parasite, Bites, it causes severe redness, itching, hives, swelling and hives, and can be transmitted from person to person during pregnancy or through blood and organ transplants.

classified in

In recent days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn of the presence of bedbugs jawfish in different parts of the country, especially in the south, which have been specifically reported in Texas and Arizona, but cases have been reported in Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, Which provides that the insect is also moving to the north.

CDC officials face offer with exterior lights away from home and turn off those who do not, in addition, to avoid wood, garbage and stones at the house, which is used; inspect and sealing cracks and holes in the walls, doors, ceilings, Conditioners and sills with & # 39 are preferred, as these insects hiding.

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