Tuesday , January 19 2021

Autumn Guys, Season 3 is titled: Winter Knockout

By the end of the second season of Fall Guys there was little left, and from Mediatonic they had already started giving small details of the third season of the game, here’s how we learned that this one will be called: Winter Knockout.

It is expected to come on December 7 according to the countdown of the game, and the announcement was made through the game’s official Twitter account, where an image was circulated that slightly predicted what would happen this season.

As its name implies, It seems this season will be based on winter with matching skins such as penguins and snowmen, In addition, the image gives a small idea of ​​the new card with a large bias and saucers with holes that need to be crossed.

With Mediatonic they recently did the third part will be larger and with more content than the previous ones.

While the developer is working to ensure that everything is prepared for the new season, yesterday it became known that the game has significantly reduced the number of players – from more than 170 thousand to about 10 thousand.

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