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Based on animal fat could transform aviation fuel

– 19:00 – 11/21/2018

  • The researchers are looking for renewable sources of fuel for jet engines

  • This is the method through which the airlines could cut costs and emissions

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Vegetarians Beware! to take the next plane can operate on the basis of the animal.

The researchers are looking for renewable jet fuel work with the processed meat product, known as beef tallow, which may be a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

This is the method through which the airline could reduce costs and emissions boom background, that will result in the number of passengers will double by 2035, according to the International Air Transport Association. Since airlines are 2% of annual carbon emissions, the impact on the environment Aviation has become a big problem for managers and regulators to stimulate interest in affordable fuel alternatives.

Melted animal fat replacer not out & # 39 is the only factor. In September, about 30% load of fuel on United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Zurich corresponded biofuel obtained from carinata, mustard seed type. A month later, Virgin Airlines has announced the first commercial flight in a given part of the alcohol. The new company has developed Bioprocess fermentation, which converts the microbes found in the waste biooils Greek yogurt. In recent years, the refinery of Delta and Agilyx technology company decided to create a renewable fuel made of synthetic material obtained by plastic waste.

ALTAIR Paramount, Los Angeles, was one of the first plants to convert successfully beef fat into biofuel. It also converts chicken fat and hemp fuel for jet engines.

"I took a simple plant traditionally produced oil, rubber in diesel fuel, and turned it into a renewable fuel," said Jason Aintabi, President Vandewater Capital Holdings and controller exaccionista ALTAIR Fuel, which owns Paramount plant.

ALTAIR Fuel began to cooperate with the US Department of Defense in 2011 to start the conversion of fat into fuel. In March this year, the company was acquired by World Energy, one of the largest suppliers of biofuels in North America. After fusion, the company has a production capacity of 925 million liters of biodiesel fuel and jet fuel.

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