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Bella Ramsey talks about the end of his character – Game of Thrones – It Spoiler time!


Leaving aside the question of the darkness and images poorly They get a lot to see live episode long night and you can be considered one of the greatest episodes game of thrones which demonstrated the power of women, especially less than: Ar & # 39; Ian Stark and Lyanna Mormont.

The latter is known to have a good ending, but still battled to the last moments of his life before dying at the hands of a giant, he was able to defeat him. And although for us supporters was a painful moment for Bella Ramsey no. In an interview with & # 39; w EW, little actress 16 years He said that his dream is to finish in Iron Throne Of course, I reached epic or death.

And although his participation in the show was very short, for Ramsey It was a long stay because she auditioned and was hired on the same stage where it faced the decision John Snow and Sansa Stark. Its high capacity and nature of the character gained him stay longer and reach the final of the season. In addition, it ensures that never expected that fan reaction has been it, everything seemed to mind.

while Ramsey He saw the potential in the story lady Mormont He says that he is not upset by what they had done to his character. In an interview with & # 39; w THRprovides It would be advisable to tackle it with the giant, because she, being the youngest, ever adult men and women are facing in the world.

"Women can fight like men, and young people can fight like hardened warriors. There is a theme to defy the odds and prove how powerful these people. It is inspiring and empowering. "

Bella Ramsey

These are the words that are added to the time when he lived in his character and Arya at the end of the episode, the strengthening of a woman yesterday's episode was stolen. Thus, she made it clear that in the end, I would like to see a little frozen sitting on the Iron Throne.

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