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Bipolar disorder and social stigma


(Maria Ester Buzzoni
San – Sebastian psychologist and university lecturer)

World Day was celebrated yesterday Bipolar Disorder March 31 in honor of the birthday of the artist Vincent Van Gogh, whose diagnosis of bipolar disorder is estimated posthumously. In addition to differences between affective disorders and mental disorders are important milestones that will improve the level of awareness of the different ways of obtaining the patient population and to remove the social stigma associated with such disorders.
The purpose of this day is to provide information about mood disorders and attention of the public against the disease. It seems appropriate to take this time to address fully, mood and mental disorders, and to think about its relationship with the style and quality of life of people. In addition, this memory should be aimed at carrying out activities that contribute to the understanding of the needs of people with these disorders, as well as the elimination of the social stigma associated with a diagnosis of mental health.
that more knowledge about these diseases is expected to go hand in hand with a deeper understanding of the living conditions that accompany the occurrence of certain types of diseases and the importance of promoting in the society in order to improve the living conditions of the population,
In addition, it is necessary that medical teams and community understand that these diseases, although they are associated with the physiological aspects, can not be solved in the same way that somatic affectations treats as its rate depends in a large part of the lives of those who suffer. It is therefore necessary to change habits and lifestyles, as well as cultural and relational reforms aimed at social integration and integration challenges that our country has just begun.
In addition to these cultural changes, it is essential that the government of Chile in the name of its historical debt Chileans mental health. According to an article Errazuriz, Valdez, Vöhringer in Calvo (Medical Journal of Chile, 2015) Chile has a high level of mental disorders, with the costs to individuals, seven & # 39; ads, and society. The fact that the figures, which show the article poor mental health funding, which does not increase in accordance with the objectives of the Ministry of Health considered. On the other hand, they have increased rates of mental illness.
Taking into account the intention to provide decent care for patients with mental disorders, it would be desirable to increase the percentage of the state health budget allocated to mental health, as well as exploring how mental disorders should be included in the new Auge / GES disease . However, it is also necessary to move forward with more purpose in the promises of the National Mental Health Plan, oriented in terms of human rights, particularly in connection with participation in the field of health, which implies an important cultural change in regard to how to understand community role in strengthening the health of its members.

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