Thursday , November 26 2020

Blue airline analyzes the launch application for the complex Avianca Brazil

President of the Brazilian airline, David Neeleman, said the company is considering this option in the short term, and that ultimately the purchase will be made in cash resources.

President and founder of Brazilian airlines Azul, David Neeleman, said that the company is considering the possibility of launching an application for a competitor Avianca Brazil, which last week filed for bankruptcy protection.

The company "discusses this possibility in the short term," said the executive Brazilian average economic value. He also noted that in the end the purchase will be made in cash resources.

Last Friday, the Blue chief executive John Rodgerson, argued that the airline is not in talks about a possible takeover bid on Avianca Brazil. However, he admitted that there is no room for a possible agreement to acquire the fourth largest airline in Brazil.

In early December, before the company filed bankruptcy protection CFO Avianca Holdings, Gerardo Grajales, it was shown that the Brazilian airline Azul (in which United Continental has 8%) and Avianca Brazil were the goals of the alliance between the expansion of United Continental Holdings Inc., Colombian Avianca and Copa Panama, on the routes between the US and Latin America.

Avianca Holdings, based in Colombia, and controls the operations in Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru, and Avianca Brazil, not from the & # 39 are part of the same group, but they do share its main shareholder, businessman Herman Efromovich, and are in the process of fusion.

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