Friday , June 25 2021

Body 5000's in Sweden reveals the mystery of the first case of plague in Europe

bacteria strain We found in the DNA of teeth the body with more than 5000 years old, belongs as confirmed by the Swedes, the virus "Yersinia pestis", which unleashed a plague in Europe in the genetics of the Stone Age.

Experts say, reports Live Science means that the remains found in this Thursday in southern Sweden, have the same genetic variants that make the deadly disease today, if not treated in time.

farmer's body was found the same age and the same tomb- also has traces of the virus. The authors believe that the findings on the background of signs first big pandemic mankind.

The strain of the plague killed Swede He & # 39; was about 5700 years agoIn their genetic analysis. Scientists from Denmark and France, who also took part in the study, analyzed the genomes of more than 1,000 corpses at the time and later called the "Bronze Age".

The results showed that in a very short period of 600 years or so, virus spread all over Europe, from Russia to the south-eastern Sweden.

Nicolas RascovanArgentine biologist at Aix-Marseille University, and author of the study based on these data, he said that there was no sur & # 39 during this period; oznyh human migration, which may explain this dispersion, since they did not find the intersection between different populations infected.

"Only for a while, when we spread the plague, there are great technological innovations, such as road transport and draft animals, ideal for the spread of the pathogen over long distances," explains Rascovan.

about 5000 years ago, Asian immigrants brought crops and livestock to the continent. By the time they had to & # 39 appeared the first city to 20 000 inhabitants, where people and animals lived together in a small space and poor hygiene.

For unknown reasons, while there was a sharp decline in population from 30% to 60%, similar to what occurred in the Middle Ages with the Black Death. Some cities were burned and abandoned. It was the end of the Stone Age.

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