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Burger King hamburger start vegetarian and confirms the prediction of Bill Gates


No secret that Bill Gates this is one of the brightest minds today. His intelligence led him to predict some of the events that are now realities and shows only reconsider plans burger King has to high-rise.

Microsoft co-founder predicted in 1999 in his book "Business @ the Speed ​​of Thought"On the & # 39; the emergence of smart phones and social networking sites, while this year as a guest of MIT Technology Review, introduced the technology that will revolutionize the world.

In this case, participation Gates said that "meat", created in the laboratory will be part of the future of the food sector in the near future in response to environmental trends: "Livestock from & # 39 is one of the main causes of global warming. This meat "Laboratory" mimics the texture, flavor and nutritional value of animal products from vegetable proteins. "

Hamburger meat is not meat

This prediction seems to have become a reality after the Burger King to do a test on a vegetarian burger with the image of hamburgers, created on the base of the plant, replacing the beef without loss of texture, flavor and properties that promise to beef,

A statement that was baptized impossible hamburger came earlier this month when the company said that its proposal would be to use a vegetarian "meat is meat" that is based on vegetables Impossible Foods -a company that develops vegetable substitutes meat products and lácteos-, just as it will be tested 59 places in St. Louis and the surrounding area.

If the bet is successful, the company will consider the launch of a specific product at the national level and this time came.

In order to conquer a new market?

As shown by CNN, the test phase is impracticable burger was a success, resulting in a fast food chain plans to launch this product in the United States this year.

This step will allow the company to enter a new market, while this is a great strategy to improve the flow of regular customers in its stores, as well as if they "like" hamburger sign, they may not be ready to & # 39; eat meat beef every day.

Thus, as stated by Chris Finazzo, president of Burger King North America, CNN, in a hamburger Impossible "is primarily aimed at Meat-eaters in search of a better balance in your diet. The new product is designed for anyone who wants to & # 39; have a hamburger every day, but do not necessarily want to eat beef every day, allowing you to enter restaurants (signature) more often ".

In this regard, according to the brand itself, impossible burger tastes like a regular hamburger. Vezhiburger used in this product is designed to simulate the appearance and texture of meat during cooking.

rising market

National launch of hamburger Impossible is trying to respond to the public interest, which has been created around the plant proteins, as a result of concerns about animal welfare and the impact on the environment, representing industrial agriculture.

With this in mind, Bill Gates can add fulfilled the prediction. And is that not only it is made Burger King, data on meat substitutes speak for themselves.

It is expected that the global market meat substitutes will grow from approximately 4000600 of millions of recorded for 2018 6000400 of millions of during 2023, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets. In fact, because of the Meat -Basic competitor Impossible Foods- forecasts that over time the market-based meat plant can reach a value of $ 35 billion Only in the United States.

Take the decision proposed by Bill Gates will require strong communication efforts for the consumer to understand the causes of movement and ensure that the quality of the product.

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