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Buy 8% Clinica Las Condes and get fit in the catalog


Fighting on the board Clinica Las Condes red. April 30 has the usual CLC shareholders, which must be updated every table.

For the purpose of voting yesterday Lucec Three -Society associated with AUGURI group as Inversiones Santa Filomena, and through which Cecilia Karlezi bought a stake in the CLC CLC 711,948 shares for $ 28,477,000, accounting for 8, 3% of hospital property. Adding, Falabella shareholder will now have about 26% of the company.

Thus, Karlezi get three directors put on the table, as opposed to the two it has today in the catalog. Thus, in spite of not obtaining the majority, it will be associated with doctors.

Just yesterday CLC reported an essential fact sent to the Commission for Financial Market (SFD), the meeting will take place on April 30 at 15:00, where one of the topics of discussion will be "proposed audit forensic examination to determine the causes of the deterioration of the company's financial performance between 2014 and 2016 ", the document says.

This is exactly what we asked representatives CLC AUGURI year ago, when they asked for a special meeting of shareholders to approve a forensic audit of all the company's financial reports. This, and the board canceled was that they did not want, until last year.

Nevertheless, a new directory selection, which will be next month, comes after that in February left Miguel Ortiz, the designated block Falabella shareholder, detonating a new ballot after October, 75% of shareholders reject the review requested AUGURI directory.

Currently, CLC table consists of nine members, Andres Navarro; Dr. Carlos Schnapp, Jorge Alfredo RUFs and Misraji; Luis Manuel Rodriguez (something & # 39; I'm Gomez); Albert EGUIGUREN (for funds); Alejandro Quintana (for AUGURI) and Francisco Silva independent director. Of this group, there are names that Edge solutions not continue. In addition, some & # 39; I'm Gomez would consider selling their shares.

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