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Changing these products for other healthy | EL UNIVERSAL

Sccording to a recent study by the World Health Organization, overweight affects almost half of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Colombia, the figures are not very encouraging as more than half of the population above their ideal weight and the root cause lies in patients with life-styles.

Due to the rapid increase in the consumption of foods prepared outside the home, and growing fast foods, they have made changes in the eating habits of each family & # 39; and.

For this reason, Danielle Bonner, nutrition expert, says that "it is very important to know how to handle a lot of food and desserts, especially to replace the products that do not contribute to a nutritious diet, the other a more complete." The key to everything is the sum of what we eat and the quality.

Fruit juice from whole fruit (fiber, vitamins and minerals).

Multigrain white bread (fiber, zinc) Pan.

brown or white rice wild (fiber, zinc) Fig.

Try using olive oil, crude (good fats, antioxidants).

Potatoes and vegetables junk food (vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants), walnuts and almonds (good fats, proteins).

Mashed potato mash to (fiber and antioxidants).

Fried foods baked or fried foods.

animal protein vegetable protein: beans, lentils, beans, chickpeas (fiber, iron, protein).

red meat (avoid daily intake) for white meat such as fish, tuna, chicken, salmon (good fats).

Flavored water, natural water, lemon water to consume sugar.

– White sugar vanilla extract or no-calorie sweeteners.

– Ice cream and fruit cake (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants).

– white almond flour (omega 6 or good fats, proteins) flour.

– Peanut peanut oil or by natural sugars (protein and omega-6).

– white chocolate or dark chocolate with milk chocolate without sugar (antioxidants).

– Chocolate Cocoa powder (antioxidants) powder.

Dr. Bonner points out that it should be remembered that all excesses are harmful.

"There's really not a bad food as such, just know how much we consume and some mostly not daily consumption, to find a balance." In the same way, a healthy diet should be supplemented by a daily and regular basis, in order to balance the level of triglycerides blood exercises.

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