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cheaper and more compact, high power


This year, Samsung introduced three models of Galaxy S10, three mobile perfectly in a variety of formats. Galaxy S10e with a & # 39 is the smallest of the three and also the cheapest. However, this is technologically the terminal does not give up just about anything. Let us analyze this beautiful mobile.

Features Samsung Galaxy S10e

  • display:
    • Dynamic AMOLED technology certified HDR10 + and 1200 nits brightness.
    • + Resolution (2280 x 1080 pixels).
    • 8 in a ratio of 19: 9.
  • productivity:
    • Samsung Exynos 9820 made 8 nm.
      • Processor core 2 of 2.8 GHz, 2 GHz and 2.4 cores 4 cores 1.8 GHz.
      • GPU: Mali-G76.
      • neural unit IA.
    • 8.6 GB of RAM.
    • GB 512 128 and GB of internal memory.
    • MicroSD 512 GB in the cavity of the second SIM-card.
  • camera:
    • Front:
      • 10 MPX main aperture F / 1,9 and AF. Dual Pixel. 4K recording.
    • Thank you again:
      • main chamber (77 ° angle) of 16 MPX variable aperture between F / 1,5 and F / 2.4, auto focus and optical stabilizer. Dual Pixel.
      • wide angle camera (123 °) 12 MP with F / 2,2 autofocus. Dual Pixel.
  • communication:
    • Charging Port (15W) and data (USB 3.1) with USB-C connector.
    • Jack 3.5mm port times & # 39; the volume of the headphone.
    • Or the cargo area at the rear of:
      • The possibility to charge mobile 15 W
      • The ability to charge other phones and accessories to 9W
    • Compatibility with USB Ethernet adapter and a Wi-Fi-C A / B / g / n / o / x (Wi-Fi) 4/5/6. Wi-Fi Direct. ANT +. NFC. Bluetooth 5.0.
  • sensors:
    • Gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity, ambient light RGB, barometer, compass and magnetic field.
  • battery 3100 mAh battery.
  • size:
    • 142 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm.
    • 150 g

What You Should Know About Samsung Galaxy S10e?

Pixel 2 XL left, Samsung Galaxy S10e law.

  • If you want the Samsung phone, but hate the curved screen, is the flagship of you expected.
    • Last Galaxy S without the curved screen was Galaxy S7, which was based on price. If you bought this phone a day and want to upgrade, probably Galaxy S10e with a & # 39 is the successor worthy of S7.
  • this mobile very compact sizeIf you are sick of the giant mobile phone is a terminal that is worth considering.
  • This is a phone that does not do anythingDo you have a stereo sound, PC mode Samsung with Dex, Samsung Gear VR virtual reality, waterproof, wireless charging, time & # 39; the volume of the headphone extension MicroSD card and a & # 39 is the only flagship WiFi market in June . On the technological level & # 39 is the most comprehensive mobile.
  • gorgeous screen, Which is usually in the best ranges of Samsung.
  • The camera is not being the most advanced proposals many features and good results.
    • Recording video & # 39 is exciting, though.
  • Its battery with a & # 39 is the biggest obstacle toHe is able to withstand a full day for many users, but not enough for the most demanding profile.

Samsung design, a compact format

Design Samsung Galaxy S10e continuing with the general lines, Samsung has some high-end from the Galaxy S6, mobile, in which the Korean automaker began to rely entirely of metal and glass.

Chrome aluminum frame and pay attentionFor better or worse (depending on whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish) and stable notice. Building on this aspect of note premiumAt the same level as a manufacturer other flagships.

Front almost screen for a small strip of the lower chamber and openings, except. In the upper part, we also see a call tube, which also serves as a second loudspeaker.

yes lose curved screen functionWe also have a flat back. There are significant differences in respect of the mobile phone and my brother, elder sister, S10 and S10 + (also lack the third chamber, of which more later).

On the inside we find the time & # 39; the volume of the headphone, USB C and one of the two speakers.

When checking the left side are the volume buttons and Bixby.

On the right side we find the power button, which also acts as a fingerprint scanner. Fast and accurate reader will not click to read our trail.

And on top, SIM-card slot or a dual SIM and nano MicroSD. Galaxy S10e has 128 GB which can be expanded via MicroSD card up to 512 GB.

Desktop Experience: One Samsung UI raises the bar

Performance of the terminal with the & # 39 is spectacular, something that should not be a surprise in the high end mobile devices. Its processor Exynos 9820, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM provide plenty of power for any game or application. If we look at the performance tests, we understand that the Samsung processor is allocated to its energy problems that require a single core, surpassing Solvency any phone with Snapdragon 855.

In the end, all this power is great, but it is useless if the software is not up. C & # 39; advent of Android 9 feet, the Samsung has updated its level of customization, and the fact that, although a single interface inherited the best features of Samsung Experience, the design takes a step forward, improving the already gorgeous interface with the latest version of Android.

Eaves of the messages to multi-task, the entire structure makes us feel that we are facing a terminal with a & # 39 is not only powerful, but it feels more fluid than any other Samsung.

Samsung applications have also been refurbished with a new design and a dark mode improves when integrated with applications, menus and notifications. This not only helps to save battery power and reduces eye strain. Samsung is a great solution for the ability to plan for the dark mode is active, when it gets dark and off at dawn. Fantastic.

Bixby finally start painters

But my biggest surprise with the Samsung Galaxy S10e with a & # 39 is the best integration of Bixby. When I discussed the Galaxy Note 9 I looked quite useless to add, but in the latest version and the arrival of Castilian completely changes the experience.

Let's start Bixby alarm. Samsung has already had a great alarm, but the alarm with the Bixby & # 39 is a big step forward. Not only that, it sounds, but it tells you the time of the forecast, temperature, and weather & # 39; I. Not enough just to summarize your anxiety to be perfect. Lovely.

Another feature that has fascinated me from the & # 39 are Bixby procedure. A tool that allows you to configure parameters for specific conditions or actions, such as Do Not Disturb mode, while we are at work place. We recommend that you read the entire article we wrote about this feature.

Finally, as an assistant, he did not work at all bad. If you hold down the button Bixby, listening, until you release the button. basic steps, such as asking the time, certain signals and timers make calls and perform perfectly. We miss you, yeah, send WhatsApp and Telegram.

Big screen, small size

Samsung is not of & # 39 is a big mobile manufacturer, but also the best display manufacturers throughout the world. It is no coincidence that the launch of each new Galaxy S, its screen is selected as the best mobile screen.

The Samsung this year He has carried out drilling and reducing to a minimum the frameLeaving terminal that almost the entire front screen. We have a diagonal of 5.8 inches in 19: 9 format on your mobile phone, the amount of which will be located 5-inch 16: 9 Great work on the use.

Brightness and color is excellent, though perhaps an initial adjustment may notice a little saturated. Once we got to the device settings and choose natural color, we have a panel with excellent color reproduction. In addition, it HDR10 + panel, so It's fantastic to see the seriesBut, of course, we are also clear that a compact terminal with a & # 39 is the best place for it.

The hole in the screen typically not bother until you start to install in small details, Look at what the camera is not aligned in the status bar you can get unhinge.

Well, this reduction we found on YouTube, just nonsense.

Sound: one of its most powerful

Sound helps to complete the multimedia experience. Samsung usually provides a good quality of its flagships, and the phone is not in & # 39 is no exception. We have a dual speaker sounds loud and clear, plus the ability to activate the Dolby Atmos, for a more exciting sound.

On the other hand, Samsung with & # 39 is one of the few manufacturers who keeps time & # 39; the volume of the headphone jack on the top end, In fact, it not only maintains, but also included the most AKG headset device of exceptional quality and comfort. They model comes in S8, S9, note 8 and 9. Galaxy Note And being a plug, we can also use them on your computer.

Dual speaker with & # 39 is great. Hold time & # 39; and the volume of the headphone includes AKG high quality, value added.

Comprehensive camera function

One of the key moments in the Galaxy S over the years with the & # 39 is photography, an aspect where Samsung puts the best of the best. With the Galaxy S10, again raised the bar, which was necessary if we believe that competition is becoming more powerful.

As the cheapest version Galaxy S10, this terminal is less able because teleab & # 39; optical zoom objects loses two enhancements, Save the main sensor and wide-angle sensor.

This technology has been used historically LG mobile phones to take photos that capture more information, using special optics for this purpose. On the other hand, the picture may be distorted. The result from the & # 39 is an addictive, and invites you to capture many moments with this camera. Samsung good solution.

The results you see in the gallery that we leave then. Generally speaking, it is the camera, which we liked because it has additional features such as the "Optimizer scene", which enhances the photo (which is a shortcut for switching).

Pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S10e

He also found a very interesting system that sometimes tells us where we should strive to get the best shot. This system allows for a & # 39; objects on the screen, and that we could try, invite us not to stay more focused, framed or stay out of the picture.

The front camera is the default mode is activated by the beauty, and it's terrible. The first few days I tested the phone has been disappointed with the quality of self, until I got to turn it off. If you are a person who likes to go natural, disable is the first thing you should do.

The camera is loaded with features, but there are two that particularly caught our attention:

  • dynamic approach: Implementation for Samsung portrait mode has more options. This not only allows you to change the blur, but use other filters. My favorite is, without doubt, convert almost all the pictures in black and white, except for the fact that we want to highlight.

  • AR Emoji: Those whom we saw in Galaxy Note 9 S9 and gave somewhat confused. Emoji S10 AR version works much better, and you can not only create your own GIFs are, but to apply the effect of augmented reality on our face.
    • However, the iPhone does not reach the level of benefits to recognize the excellence of our factions and gestures. Normally, when you consider that not all sensors have iPhone X, X and hCG.

With respect to this video, we like a lot. Stabilization with & # 39 is fantastic, but it works only in the resolution FullHD, but if we give stabilization can record 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Another feature we like the ability to record wide-angle cameraAlthough the camera can record at 60 frames per second (although if 4K). If you want to record with the stabilization and wide angle, you will be limited in FullHD 30 frames per second.

The battery, which can give much more about yourself

Perhaps the only weak spot Galaxy S10e for many of the most important. Although his 3100 mAh may seem a little high-quality standards where conventional round and 4000, its compact size, we need to carefully check the terminal. In the end, the screen with the & # 39 is one of the components that consume more energy, so a smaller screen makes battery size.

Use your phone without any compromise, it costs us an average of 4 hours or half of the screen, starting the day with 100% at 8 am and ends at 15-20% at 23:30 the night.

In this use of the screen, we used maps, games, camera, email, navigation and social networking. With the screen off, we also used 1-2 hours of music and podcasts with headphones Bluetooth.

Battery enough to use, as a rule, make compact demands of mobile users, but it is far from what you can offer more mobility.

What is our opinion about these results? Each user has their own usage patterns, so that this experience can Var & # 39; iravatstsa depending on the usage profile. Putting in comparison, my Pixel 2 XL reaches the end of the day with 30% with the same type and use the mobile as F1 or Pocophone Honor View 20 I ended up holding similar sessions with 45-50%.

Or & # 39 is this really negative? We also do not believe that this aspect, to avoid this type of cell. As a rule, the section you are looking for a compact mobile phone is often not who spend hours playing video games or watch the series on a mobile phone, because it is normal that the user section ends, requires more battery usage. But this is not a problem.

Quick charging and wireless charging

Samsung includes a charger with adaptive fast charging with power of 15 watts. Approximate charging time at a load of 15 to 100% passes just over an hour. About 45 minutes later, we will have 80-85% of the load, not being one of the best, it works well.

Finally, talk about the wireless chargingIt can also charge 15W, when we have the right charger. A new feature of this device with a & # 39 is an opportunity to reverse a wireless charging Wireless charging other phones. It looks great, but we do not recommend.

As you can see on this chart, we have tried to download the Sony Xperia XZ3 with Galaxy S10e. An hour later, we see the Xperia XZ3 goes from 15 to 33% of the battery, while the S10e loses almost half of the load. If you have a friend who is on battery power, better let die your mobile phone, because otherwise it will leave you without the battery.

To give more context, if you have a USB-cable to the USB C C you can charge your mobile phone with the cable, one of the characteristics of USB C on Android. The load is still as slow, but at least the loss of battery is less pronounced.

On the other hand wireless charging should only charging accessories. Do not use it to charge other mobile or you will get a shock.

It should be Samsung Galaxy S10e?

Galaxy S10e lovely mobileSince the technological level with the & # 39 is the best-equipped models you can find on the market, sharing all the technologies that have their older brother and sister. In addition, the development of software Samsung deserves attention.

This mobile is made for those who are looking for a phone with the latest technology in the most compact format possible.

This smartphone is designed for users who want a cell well, who did not miss, but make a moderate use of the equipment. You are a person using a mobile about 4 hours a day or less, and looking for something that is easy to carry? S10e, it will definitely be your best choice.

You enthusiast who spends the day hooked to mobile? Perhaps this terminal is not in & # 39 is the most appropriate, since the battery can leave you abandoned in the second half of the day. Surely you've noticed, but if you use a lot of hours on the mobile phone, you will eventually require a screen and battery, reason why most of the phones are getting bigger.

Like all virtues, with which Samsung has created a S10? We recommend going to the Galaxy S10 +. You are romantic more compact mobile? S10e not disappoint.

We could try this on Galaxy S10e Yaphone, trusted online store where you can buy Galaxy S10e at the best price. Since you can do this from your 659 euros (in the yellow model) to 689 (the price of green edition we analyzed).

Note that the version of the Galaxy sells Yaphone S10e This is not SpanishBut Europe. This has the advantage, and a slight drawback:

  • benefitFor some reason, the European version of the net viruses. It has a minimum application of the system, and we have a surplus of Samsung and Google apps that simply do not need.
  • inconvenience: Not being in Spanish, you can not use Samsung Pay. Yes, you can use the payment program pay for your bank or Google, but Samsung Pay.

Although it is not in Spanish, if you will not use Samsung Pay, Yaphone offers very competitive prices.

  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S10e in Yaphone:

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