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Chile reaches HughesNet satellite Internet service with speeds up to 50Mbps


We all know that in our country there is still a lot of seven & # 39; families who still do not have access to the Internet, because the traditional media are not able to offer their services in these areas.

In fact, in the words of Subtel, it is estimated that almost half of Chilean households do not have access to broadband Internet, or services does not exceed the speed of 5Mbps.

So he came to the well-known company Hughes to offer its Internet satellite services high-called HughesNet, which runs through the High Performance Satellite (high throughput satellite, HTS) Hughes 63 West to cover more than 98% of households in Chile, including all areas which do not have terrestrial broadband, or those who have service with a & # 39 was insufficient.

"We are proud to help connect the unconnected in Chile with our outstanding satellite high-speed Internet services," said Pradman Cowley, President of X & # 39; SW. "This is preceded by HughesNet successful launch in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, which gave people the social, economic and educational benefits of a connected experience."

HughesNet service provision will be presented at a rate of up to 50Mbps downstream, while the upload speed is 5Mbps. All plans include a built-in Wi-Fi and a monthly navigation for use at any time, as well as an additional fee for use at dawn. Overcoming such fees, you will continue browsing without limitation, up to 2 Mbps.

Prices for services ranging from $ 33320 to CLP CLP $ 99,960, which will Var & # 39; iravatstsa depending on the rate and fees for Internet you hire, although the company offers the first month free. In addition, you must choose whether to rent a need for a service or purchase of equipment.

You can check the technical feasibility and prices site.

Through a press release – Hughes Chile

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