Thursday , December 3 2020

Chilean innovative design of the bottle cap, which replaces a disposable plastic | National

Engineering students at the Catholic University (UC) Chile has developed «biotapa» for the purpose of bottle replace plastic, "single use"Which takes about 500 years to biodegradation.

The new prototype, in detail, was developed biodegradable polymer derived from corn unlike conventional caps made of polypropylene.

Thus, "Takun" as it was called, will contribute to the efforts for recycling and can help supplement the process of re-use of these containers, as opposed to what is happening today.

According to him, one of the authors of the idea, Agustin Escobar, in a statement, plastic bottles with "& # 39 are among the most recycled materials in the country, in contrast to what happens to the" single-use "caps, which they consider one of the ten most polluting of the environment of waste from the beaches and oceans, according to the European Commission. "

"Being made of other plastics, it is necessary to separate the lid of the container, which makes it difficult to collect. This is a problem for businesses, "Escobar said in the letter.

They are in accordance detail student, about 480 billion plastic bottles were sold worldwide in 2016: that is, the same amount was made tapas.

Every year, in the meantime, the oceans are about 500 thousand tons of plastic waste. They come to the beaches, whose garbage is made up 85% of this material.

UC engineering
UC engineering

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