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Christmas: Customs and postal ensure the review of any package of a maximum of 5 days | National

Customs with Correos de Chile, to more effectively manage the growing market electronic commerce and international transport entering the country on a daily basis, they are implemented in the last few weeks an action plan to combat holiday season.

This, in the context of the explosive increase in such shipments in 2012 amounted to 500,000 parcels figure multiplied exponentially 2017 achievements 17 million packages and envelopes.

These products are processed in the plant postcard Sant & # 39 airport; Yaga and (CTP) Quilicura Postal Technology Center.


Deputy for Finance, Francisco Moreno, "is extremely important, and we already had a plan in case of unforeseen circumstances, in August, when we met 35 thousand packets that were still waiting for the capacitance, the analysis and the subsequent delivery."

He added that "with the implementation of the joint efforts of the customs authorities and Correos de Chile, which is a & # 39 is what I want to stress, we can finish the delivery of parcels and the weak link Today, the term of consideration entrusted or goods that are imported from abroad five daysAfter that comes the corresponding delivery. "

The first fruits of this work between customs and state-owned enterprises were in the middle of the year, in the period from August to September, when concrete measures were announced in the framework of the Action Plan for Standardization, which eliminated delays physical inspection of goods. Today, as it was announced on this occasion that the assessments performed for up to 5 days after the item selected in the scanner.

After this process, optimizing peak output frame, the Christmas shopping season customs in a joint effort with Correos, has strengthened its talent from November 19 to supervisors changes in the evenings and on Sundays, in addition, shifts reinforcement and assessment of potential with daily monitoring to avoid any any delay on the stage of the process, which is responsible for maintenance.

As always in these processes, the responsibility is shared with users who should be informed that such purchases through e-commerce portals, regardless of the amount, with the & # 39 are import operations products.

Thus, all customers who bring goods into the country through the Correos de Chile, or chicken & # 39; erskuyu companies must comply with the applicable standards, technological gaps and the competent authorities consider the payment of taxes and fees, if any.

An audit also includes scanning of 100% of packets coming into the country through the Correos de Chile allows, based on the risk profiles of select products for the container and prevent the entry of illegal goods.


Users must be informed that after reviewing the customs authorities, if applicable, Correos de Chile can notify you when your goods have to meet some additional requirements and / or the payment of duties and taxes.

Regional Director of Customs subway, Wilt Arevalo stressed that "there are some important tips to consider when taking citizenship in the first international purchase. If they need to have drugs ISP VB or food should be health Seremi. They should also be careful to buy things that violate the intellectual property, copyright. "

"He also noted that the Secretary had left the problem for a long time, when we were very late, and today we have carried out for five days, and was given more staff by 50%, there is a contract in place eight people, and that has led to the fact that the audit with & # 39 is very effective. 100% of what is happening on the survey, 80% must be paid, "said Arevalo.

Items that require permits from other agencies for their entry into the country, among other things, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics (Institute of Public Health, the ISP), vegetable or mineral fertilizers (Agriculture and Livestock Service, the SAG), seafood (Undersecretariat of Fisheries) , radio equipment (Department of telecommunications), weapons, ammunition, flammable or asphyxiating chemicals (Directorate-General of national mobilization, DGMN).

For a correct determination of taxes and tariffs, the buyer must keep the receipt or invoice and payment documents that may be required Correos de Chile, the body to receive such documents and submit it to Customs.

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