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Counter Strike Global Offensive for free and Battle Royale included: see how to download | video | CSGO | The Game Awards 2018 | video game

Nobody expected that something like that, especially so for a few hours one of the most important events in the industry in 2018, but the game rewards valve Allowed the hero around the world cover to announce that the popular game CS: GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) popular successor remembered Counter-Strike 1.6, now with the & # 39 is completely free. The decision came into force immediately and it is already possible to download the game at no cost from the official store Steam.

However, this is not the only surprise valve for its popular video game. Since it was confirmed that it will also have a Battle Royale mode, such a game with other franchises like Call of Duty (from Blackout) and Battlefield (with Firestorm). Counter Strike Global Offensive, is connected to the new regime danger zone and it will also be completely free. Thus, the popular franchise joined by initiated PUBG and Fortnite.

Danger zone CSGO

He became the official Twitter video public statement: "And now, CS: GO is free to play (free) Further information about the differences between Prime and not-Prime on the link."

As follows from the Tuit, CS: GO will be a model free to playBut still offer paid content. However, it's not scary, because everyone in the premiership & # 39; er version, available for purchase correspond to the content of a simple cosmetic devices. The fact that CS: GO done well since coming into the market.

The game will also include a field called "danger zone case ", which will include a variety of weapons and skins for them, you can see in this tweet:

memes Sun been waiting on the thread of tweets and the network as a whole. One very strange tombstone shows where names PUBG valued, and Fortnite blackout.

Danger zone CSGO

To download Counter-Strike Global Offensive for free, you can do the following:

1. Create a Steam account, coming at this link (if you already have, you can go to step)

Creating a Steam account,

2. Download the client Steam, by clicking here

install Steam

3. After installing the game client, look in the store in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive and upload it by clicking on the play button. Debirás Only then follow the instructions.

CS GO free download

4. Done! the game automatically descagará and steam to warn you when you're ready to play.

CSGO steam download

known curtainTop Players Fortnite, PUBG and Black Ops Call of Duty 4: Blackout, among other games, and made full gameplay danger zone and it was uploaded to YouTube. Feel free to check it out.

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