Friday , June 25 2021

Daniel against slump strong beer Patricia Maldonado

Daniel strong beer participated in the program Viax «With Handed», where he reviewed his car & # 39; career and recalled how they started on TV.

The lawyer, who spoke about the accident and plunged into the death of Camille Catrillanca and conflict in the Araucanía, the questionnaire was a gastronomic space that blends art of cooking with a touch of politics, sport and show business.

Following this, consultations were held on the continuity of Patricia Maldonado Mega and constant conflict for his statement and said the head of Mega allow him to do whatever he wanted, claiming that "fear"

In this connection, the lawyer criticized the morning Bethia space station, providing a counterbalance absent. "If you have pinochetista woman with Mucho Gusto, should have someone strong, on the other hand," he said.

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