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Dark room removed from the Nintendo eShop switch include hidden code editor


Nintendo eShop Switch It is full of indie games. Almost every week new arrivals take place and one of the most recent was in a dark room, called Circle Entertainment, which has already been released at the time the PC and iOS, although passing through the Nintendo console was very short.

Nintendo has decided to hand remove the game its virtual store, because It included a view easter egg allowing anyone simple code editor available which remained hidden. Thanks to him, you can even create a basic application.

Amir was Rajan, his creator, he showed such a possibility, saying that it turned consoles some machines that can be programmed in Ruby,, A programming language. It is enough to connect the keyboard to the USB port and press the "~" key to enter the code editor, Nintendo did not see with good eyesSo you remove the game from the store.

Rajan has talked to Eurogamer for We are sorry for what happenedIt is expressed as follows:

I am deeply sorry for what happened. Simple toy has become a massive exploit. Of course, it was the community that took advantage of it, to take it to this level. I have to blame his tabloid part of the media. I acted alone and stupid. It was the last second spark inspiration and implemented, provided that connect a USB keyboard and press the "~" was not part of this test plan. Having a circle of consideration of this issue with the & # 39 is that I never wanted to. These last three days has been the worst in my life. I do not know what to say, except that I'm sorry that all I wanted to let the kids know that I discovered 25 years ago.

According to Rajan clarified, code editor, which allows users to use Ruby draw lines, squares or label to play sounds in a dark room plus detect if any button is pressed, especially in Joy-ConThat led to the opportunity to manipulate these lines, boxes, and labels.

a dark room

We do not know exactly what will happen with this name, but in terms of entertainment I did not like anything the situation:

The Dark Room has been removed from the online store on April 26, and we learned destruction during the weekend. We are trying to contact Nintendo, to clarify the next steps and will act accordingly. They are unfortunate circumstances, and we apologize for all the trouble. We have always worked closely monitor the process and Nintendo dates throughout our history publication in DSiWare, in the eShop 3DS, Wii U in the eShop and Nintendo eShop switches. We regret the fact that there was a problem with this name. Until then, until we get the next steps with the Nintendo, we can not offer any further comment.

Rajan waiting for some developers and programmers Nintendo can empathize and understand what happened, while recognizing that there are those who have the final word. Thus, we will see if a dark room just come back or not below the Online Store.

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