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Deep Silver has disabled the "keys", stolen from the underground to the Exodus STiM


metro Exoduslatest work 4A Games and Deep SilverHe must speak both before and after its release due to a controversial change shop steam in Epic Games StoreEven in this case, the game enjoys a very good responses, and said that a CEO Epic Games a few days ago at GDC 2019, it would also be very beneficial to the accession of new stores creators Fortnite.

At the same time, that the talks were between Deep Silver and Epic GamesTo put the PC version of the latest store, they were sent to print a lot of the game activation codes steam, Which was announced shortly after the change, the factory who knew printed codes, stolen, and many of the "keys" to him by metro Exodus PC steam He also was stolen, who will come to stop an unofficial mediator.

recently Deep SilverMade a statement that they have identified a batch of stolen and proceed to deactivate all the "clues" that were stolen, it was the fact that the company published on Steam wire.

It's been reported stolen sale of illegal unofficial reseller Keys key. These keys have been obtained illegally from the factory where it was made a physical impression of the keys to the exclusive ad from Epic Games, because of the criminal nature of these keys, all keys Unlicensed inactivated activation / download Metro Sun Exodus without the executable file is no longer possible.

In addition, the software is removed from any player using unauthorized code Steam library. Keys are sold on this platform were stolen goods and, therefore, with the & # 39 are illegal.

If you are affected, we recommend that you contact the vendor who sold you the license key, without the need to recommend a return. Only manufacturers are compatible with key Metro Exodus were Humble Bundle and the Razer Store.

also Deep Silver He added that they have learned a few games users steamThey said that the game has not been updated, and do more research, they found that those keys have been stolen.

This means that if any of those who read it, intend to buy metro Exodus and he found a website that sells keys steam, Do not do it, because the chance to be stolen, and then activate the game will not be very high, and a few sites selling codes that really make the treatment when these problems occur.

metro Exodus It is available on the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through Epic Games Store.

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