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Delpiano: Chile can not afford to have people learning 10 years free of charge


Former Minister of Education adriana Delpiano He said that Chile "is not to indulge in" to people who study 10 years free of charge, on the background of the problems of economic deficit of some campuses for students who lost their gratuity.

During the debate at the University of Chile, former Secretary of State He showed his reservations about one of the proposed formulas: Free go beyond the formal duration of the race.

"The truth is that she & # 39 is a stimulus that goes in the opposite direction of what they have done great universities, which tend rather to reduce the car & # 39; career. I think that here too, the universities effectively do their job better and PAS"He said.

He said that "access to higher education, that PAS is a very expensive program. At the University of Buenos Aires, there are people who are 10 years old, students free. Chile could not give this pleasure or the privilege".

Debate also present former Ministers Harald Beyer and March & # 39; Aylwin it, as well as members Camila Rojas (Common Parts) and Jaime Bellolio (UDI) and chairman of the Senate committee on education, Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD).

Rectors met with the Ministry of Education

There are 27 thousand students were left without benefits fall behind in their studies and university projected budget deficit is not able to charge the full fee, being the subject of which is far from being solved.

This issue was finally addressed in the advisory board between rectors and the Ministry of Education in La MonedaBut only as a first approach, the Executive insists that the silver medals set.

Rector of the University of Chile, Ennio VivaldiHe said he went "doubly, because we are obliged to adhere to the restrictions puts us free and constraints that put CAE».

"This is a thing that has been a lot of thought encourage universities to choose for CAE and leave a tip. The president must decide whether to send or not to send the project to the universities with the Foundation CRUCH solidarity as a whole, and others can use these tools. Simple as that. "He said.

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