Thursday , November 26 2020

Desbordes: The RN pinochetismo, but the absolute condemnation of the crimes of human rights

president of National Renewal (RN). Mario DesbordesHe referred to the controversial MP said Monday Camille Flores during the last General Council of the party, who has publicly stated that "Pinochet" and has no problem declaring it.

The question today about the issue, Desbordes said: "For me, complicates me change the focus of the General Council was so good, we just talk about diversity, but well … The Renewal (Nacional) has always been pinochetismo, that's no mystery".

"I do not think that (in pinochetistas) slept. It has always been subject to the Board with a 39 & # pinochetista sectorIt is, but we all talked and pinochetismo can be, but there is no doubt that there is an absolute condemnation of human rights violations"He said.

On the question of how to combine the two elements, the MP said: "Why ask me to do another lawyer?"

Violation of human rights "during the dictatorship or military government with & # 39 is the case", he concluded.

Election pinochetismo

Meanwhile, in the UDI, and consultations on the same subject, the deputy Jaime Bellolio He said the right pinochetismo "always I was. "

"I do not think that more than ever, I think, less than before, they are becoming increasingly isolatedWhat happens is that now, in the pre-election logic, go out with a lot of voices, and I think that's the wrong way. You can serve in the next election, but it means giving up the future"Added Bellolio.

"Bolsonarismo" UDI

The MP was a strong critic of the internal behavior of the party headed by Senator Jacqueline Van Risselbergom that competed two years ago, but yesterday came reelected.

Bellolio said that in the coming months will be devoted to dialogue with militants, to decide whether or not to follow in the game, and questioned the UDI has changed in relation to Jaime Guzman and was replaced by the newly elected president of Brazil Zheyr Bolsonaro.

"This is what I see, the current policy pretended terror campaign in the last election said that if they did not win, the UDI was going to give myself," he said.

In the same vein, the parliamentarian said that "when I got the results last night, What started singing "saved UDI», So I'm wondering: And he saved that and that intellectual figure they now have as a reference? Until now, the only thing I saw was Bolsonaro ».


Meanwhile, Vice President, Deputy Evópoli Francisco UndurragaHe said he does not believe that this "regression" in pinochetismo, and said that they are more "self-expression".

A government spokesman, Cecilia PerezAlso stressed that the Executive look differences as a charity.

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