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Determination of the blood biomarker that defines chronic fatigue


Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine have identified through nanoelectronics to identify biomarkers using a simple blood test Chronic fatigue syndrome, Currently, there are no diagnostic tests to identify the disease, which causes exhaustion, leading to incapacitating headaches, sleep disorders or joint pain, among others. So much so that even in many cases even to doubt its existence. Therefore, despite the fact that it is too early, this work could be good news for those patients who need a scientific witness this condition.

In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)still have the pilot phase, The study of blood samples of 40 people, 20 were taken with chronic fatigue syndrome and many others without it, and analyzed how immune cells respond to stress. The results are clearly defined in all patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, and none of the healthy participants.

For this test, the scientists have created a nanodevices They contain thousands of electrodes that create an electrical current, and compartments, where blood samples were introduced. In them, immune cells and blood plasma interfered with the electric current and the measured change in the low energy portions. Samples of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome in response to large disturbances, while in healthy participants remained stable.

It will also allow test of drug biomarkers

This test, the researchers say, can also help to find a cure for this disease. It would be sufficient to expose the blood samples of patients with drug action and re-run a diagnostic test: if the response of immune cells is improved, the treatment can work.

Check specific drug action when exposed to patient blood samples can be helpful if treatment can function

Today, the diagnosis of this syndrome is based on a set of symptoms presented by the patient, such as exhaustion, sensitivity to light and pain of unexplained origin. Typically, you'll get to it after the rejection of many other diseases. Scientists believe that there is a prevalence of chronic fatigue from 0.2 to 0.5 of the total population of the syndrome is more common in women.

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