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Discovered a new mechanism by which the virus blocks the immune response


Published 2019/04/30 11:01:47CET

Synthesized protein that blocks the receptor of immune cells


Researchers describe a new molecular mechanism that uses a type of virus, cytomegalovirus, to affect the immune response of the infected host, creating a blocking protein receptors of immune system cells.

In a study published in PLoS Pathogens, was led by Professor University of Barcelona (UB) Ana Angulo also miembto Pi Biomedical Research Institute August, I Sunyer (IDIBAPS).

According to a study, a biological mechanism cytomegalovirus able to synthesize viral proteins that are homologous with a receptor on most leukocytes, and plays a fundamental role in the processes associated with immunity structure.

Soluble protein is produced by the cytomegalovirus firmly binds to a receptor on the type of lymphocytes involved in innate immune responses and prevents it interacts with a ligand that causes the lymphocytes are unable to recognize and remove infected cells efficiently

According to the authors, in the process of infection, a viral protein secreted by infected cells acts as a trap or tool receptor (s) of the tool blocking the receptor on the cytotoxic cell which is a new strategy to evade the immune.

This is the first scientific study that investigates the role of this protein, and opens a new stage for potential use in the modulation of immune responses in a wide profile diseases such as autoimmune diseases use.

They participated in the UB researchers Pablo Martinez Vicente and Domènec Farre, UB-IDIBAPS Paul Engel and Molecular Biology Center Ochoa (CSIC-UAM) Carolina Sanchez and Antonio Alcamí.

hidden VIRUS

Cytomegalovirus pathogen something & # 39; I herpesvirus, a group of viruses with DNA genome complex, which is widely distributed in nature and are capable of causing infection in many species of vertebrates; They & # 39 are the most common cause of congenital viral infection and can be fatal to the fetus during pregnancy.

After the infection is at a party in a state of rest, but if the host's immune system is weakened, cytomegalovirus activated and cause serious & # 39; serious pathology in patients of different profiles, and the person living with HIV or organ transplant recipient.

In the process of evolution, cytomegalovirus launched several mechanisms to interfere with the immune response and to extend its life cycle in one –as infected organisms, guests capture the genes block defensas–, and in this paper we describe a new strategy of immune elimination.


Employment Strategy cytomegalovirus was found that infects monkeys kind Aotus, analyzing in human immune cells that are critical for the control of viral infections, which are capable of synthesizing protein

If the protein binds to a receptor -What mainly expressed on cytotoxic lymphocytes or NK-cells (natural killer) -, cascade, regulating the immune response of these protective cells and helps to control the progression of activated viral infections caused by cytomegalovirus.

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