Discussion – More than 34 people who suffer from diabetes


</p> <p>As part of the commemoration of World Diabetes Day (November 14), Seremi de Salud organized a day to spread the day at Cesfam Dr. Raúl San Martín González, on that occasion was held a lecture and delivered informative material to users of this health center.</p> <p>This, in order to raise awareness among the public regarding these risk factors for chronic diseases, which according to epidemiological data affects 34,383 controlled users in the Cardiovascular Health Program.</p> <p>"Timely detection and treatment of diabetes helps reduce complications of an invalid disease. Therefore, our message is the need for Preventive Drug Examination (EMP) that allows detecting people with risk factors, and diabetes, in the early stages and potentially reversible," Marta Bravo explained, as de Salud said, adding that the strategy promoted to control the disease was the system for Selecting Healthy Living, launched again by President Sebastián Piñera; Protection for breastfeeding; and Law 20.606, which among other measures requires labeling packaging products that contain important nutrients (sodium, sugar, saturated fat and calories), which are intended to help residents prefer healthy food, in addition to limiting the advertising and sale of these foods in education centers, so as to support a healthy environment.</p> <p>"Obesity and being overweight are the main risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes, which affects 90-95% of people with diabetes. Avoid these factors by following a healthy lifestyle based on a healthy diet, regular physical activity, helping to prevent new cases , "Bravo added.</p> <p>There are other risk factors for type diabetes that include smoking, excessive alcohol use, family history of diabetes and other factors that are still unknown (33%).</p> <p>"We think it's very important that they teach us the dangers of smoking and eating badly, so we appreciate this activity that helps us pay more attention to and prevent this serious disease," said Tania Sepúlveda (36), I am waiting for a doctor's prescription.</p> <p>Lifelong diagnosis and treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes is covered through the Explicit Health Guarantee, both for beneficiaries of the public system and ISAPRES. "The GES has enabled national and structural changes regarding diabetes management, increased diagnostic coverage from 74% to 78%, and achieved a significant increase in diabetes treatment coverage, reaching today 58%. In public systems, AUGE / GES guarantees are given via Cardiovascular The Health Program (PSCV) is integrated with Primary Care and serves more than 80% of diabetics in Chile. This program is one of the main strategies of the Ministry of Health to help reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, "concluded the Seminar. 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