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"Divine Food" showed a luxury home, Mark Gonzalez and Maura Rivera (PHOTO)


Chilevisión premiership & # 39; EPA Saturday night the fifth season of its successful program divine Power, This time, Sergio Lagos, Chiqui Aguayo, Mark Gonzalez and Katyna Hubermann struggling to impress your guests.

Football player was the first to prepare a meal, without presenting your home to the cameras. One of the things that surprised that Gonzalez said table in your home is very important to him, because most of its achievements, including the prize for the best player in the World Cup 2010, to Centennial Cup and medal finals of the Champions League. Even gloves signed by the United States itself ex-boxer Mike Tyson.

After her husband Maura Rivera showed his exclusive living is decorated with black and red sofas. "This is where I get my guests," explained Mark.

Gonzalez home also has a mini-bar. "It has recently opened. I think that we have used two or three times, I do not roads or, "he said.

The hot tub on the terrace, and a & # 39 is part of a luxury home. "I've got 35 or 36 degrees, but today we're going to get all of us," said the footballer.

Finally, out of curiosity Chiqui Aguayo, the camera showed a giant cabinet make and Maura. "My department of this size," joked the comedian in the room, even decorated with souvenirs from different countries.

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