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Do you have any? These nine signs that may indicate heart problems – Health & Beauty




cardiovascular disease often they warn those who are suffering from the early symptoms, so it's important to admit them to support the necessary measures and to take action in time.

portal He gave a list of nine symptoms that may indicate a problem, especially detected itself, according to experts.

1. Chest pain following efforts: We might find yourself in front of stable angina, the pain comes from the chest to the shoulders, neck, or jaw, and lasts from four to fifteen minutes, especially after exercise, or have strong emotions.

2. Feeling tired with the effort: If an event such as climbing four or five flights of stairs leaves us exhausted and drowned, and costs us enough to recover, it may be necessary to visit a cardiologist.

3. Heartbeat: If you have a feeling of discomfort in the chest, and we saw the heartbeat, we need to see a specialist, because under normal circumstances, should not notice changes in the rhythm. In addition, if you have palpitations without training, we could have an arrhythmia.

4. Vertigo: If we suffer dizziness when performing moderate physical activity can be a symptom of poor circulation, which does not allow the blood to flow well through the system under the conditions of accelerated metabolism, probably due to a malfunction of the heart. It can also be diagnosed with diabetes.


5. Fainting Eventual loss of knowledge for no apparent reason may be due to problems with the heart, mainly because any time the heart pumping less than the required effort and the fall point in tension and oxygen saturation occurs.

6. The liquid content Explicit swelling of the feet will be the one with the brightest, that our circulatory system and our heart loses its power to increase the blood flow, overcoming the gravitational forces of symptoms.

7. Erectile Dysfunction: It is assumed that two out of three men with erectile dysfunction have hypertension and 40% of them suffer from coronary artery disease. However, not always erectile dysfunction and heart problems go hand in hand.

8. The increase in frequency of urinationIf the heart is not working as it should be, less blood to pump properly, and the resulting liquid will accumulate in the system, as has been described in the liquid content. This holds the liquid in the end, will go into the bladder to be excluded. It occurs mainly at night.

9. Page & # 39; and cardiovascular accidentDirect member of our family & # 39; and (siblings or parents) had an early cardiovascular accident increases the risk that we are suffering, it indicates a problem that is transferred to the genetic inheritance. It is believed the men in the early age of 55 years old i women under the age of 65 years.

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