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EU adopts emergency measures against measles


New York quarantines in California. Penalties in New York. Orders for some people to avoid public places in Rockland County, NY.

While measles outbreak spreading across the United States, with 704 cases so far this year and contando-, some local health officials are trying to fight the infection in unvaccinated communities have resorted to extraordinary police powers of the past.

"Unfortunately, we register the disease again another generation," said Jason Schwartz, associate professor of health policy at the Yale School of Public Health.

"And we have another generation now showing responses of public health again" in cases where the vaccination program was not really effective.

Not so long ago it was believed that measles was a problem that has been basically solved. The disease is widespread in the era became increasingly rare after the vaccine became available in 1960 In 2000, the health authorities of the & # 39; have revealed about the eradication of the disease in the United States, which meant that all the new cases are derived from the infected and travel by local transmission.

Ten years ago, there were fewer than 100 cases a year. But since then, they grow, and the worst thing that's happening now.

On Monday, federal health officials said that the figures at the national level and exceeded the total every year since 1994, in which 963 cases were reported.

Cases have been reported in 22 states, but most of them in New York, especially in New York and neighboring Rockland County. In most cases in the state have not been vaccinated Orthodox Jewish communities of people.

75 percent of people who suffer from this highly contagious disease of children and adolescents.

No deaths have been reported so far this year, but 66 patients were hospitalized.

for Disease Control and Prevention Centers (CDC for its initials in English) said the count this year includes 44 people who were infected while traveling abroad. Some of them caused the outbreak, particularly in unvaccinated people, including some in New York.

For most people, Measles causes fever, runny nose, cough and a rash. A smaller percentage of people infected may suffer complications such as pneumonia and dangerous swelling of the brain. According to the CDC, over 1,000 children infected with one or two die from the disease.

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