Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Everton seeks compensation


They ruletero boxes are suspended match against Kobresali, El Salvador, and the club require $ 10 million.

Everton upset. Friday, at midnight, they found out that game against Kobresali who played yesterday at 12:00 pm in the Savior, was suspended governor of the province of Chañaral, Ignacio Urcullu. The reason? worker deaths in protests in the Potrerillos area, which convulsed the city. It was reported that there was a police contingent to protect the meeting.

And sorry for the news casts. While they trained yesterday morning, I viñamarinos immediately traveled to Copiapó to fly home from there. They did not wait for reprogramming. "It will not play this weekend. Everton and return. Neither contingent of police, "said Juan Silva, a sports manager cobresal.

Everton communicated with ANFP and wants compensation for the costs, which meant moving to El Salvador. They say that it is not Quilín wine, but it is up to them to cover one of the most expensive trips per year:. $ 10 million In addition, the match must be agreed on the spot, which confirmed both charges. "You put in place Everton and understand the problems. There is a logistics and economic problem. But do not depend on us, "said Silva.

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