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Examination revealed Johanna Hernandez and psychiatric SILVA Francisco: it is like everything else


What happened?

On Tuesday Oral Criminal Court Viña del Mar a new day of the trial was held for the murder of Professor nibaldo VillegasFocusing attention on psychiatric examination accused Johanna Hernandez and Francisco Silva.

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section Johanna

As for Hernandez, two experts analyzed their mental health. A psychiatrist at the hospital of El Salvador, Julius Caesar MichelottiHe was responsible for dealing with Johanna and said that it can be triggered and no change is to recognize reality or fiction.

Despite this, for Michelotti, Hernandez has features limit of the operating range (borderline)"Good and bad has to do with me benefit or hurt me more than what happens with the rest of"He said, adding that, as a rule." The creation of an intense relationship and use an addiction you'll get to the other You get things that can be useful"

In the same vein, psychologist Alejandro Bahamondes, emphasizes intelligence and manipulative female identity. "We are seeing manipulation of human to other you profit for themselves, "he said.

He also admitted, a little self-criticism Hernandez, who sees the other with extreme negative. "It is much easier to see the mistakes of others, as I & # 39; is a victim and how to delegate responsibility," he said.

Silva's profile

Experience Francisco Silva knew expert Dresdner RodrigoForensic psychiatrist Legal Medical Service, especially emotional deficits accused. "The way he relates this fact, very bloody indeed, he does it in a very relaxed manner, very individual emotionally, it's psychopathic traits"He said.

As for the relationship to Hernandez Silva, Silva said Dresdner has a general "distance from the person who makes this invasive procedure," At the same time, he referred to the emotional connection with others that:. "You can change the relationship with the people, without which any problems and when the front of the man responsible is something for yourself, There's nothing that can be fun. "

Finally, the expert confirmed that Francisco Silva has normal intelligence and without psychotic elements, Although he tries to show the opposite.

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