"Feminist mobilization and students do not have to be exclusive"


The list of New University Action (NAU) reached, for the third consecutive year, to head the Catholic University Student Federation (FEUC), with Beln Larrondo in his presidency.

Third-year Architecture students achieve victory after the second round which takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. This earned 57.9% of the vote (7,758), while list 1A, from the union movement, received 42.1% of the vote (5,647).

With this victory – which happened at dawn yesterday – NAU has managed to lead the FEUC in 10 opportunities in the last 12 periods. And it has a face that can be recognized as a representative of Revolucion Democrtica (RD) Giorgio Jackson and Miguel Crispi.

On this occasion, in addition, the victory was given by the difference of more than two thousand votes, the difference was greater than in the past years.


One of the main campaign promises that made Larrrondo's list – which took on November 23 – is to continue the feminist demands, the central theme of this year's student mobilization. In fact, students participate in the takeover of the Central Building that took place in May.

Larrondo believes that there is a key differentiating approach that must be applied to the list of unions. "We always propose feminist discourse, with which we have to penetrate all fields, we distinguish because they (1A) do not declare themselves feminists, they talk about & # 39; women's problems & we believe that it is a community problem," he said .

The feminist theme is something a 22-year-old child wants to do outside his campus, and ensures that these demands must be integrated and raised at the request of the Chilean Student Confederation (Confech).

"Feminist mobilization and students do not have to be exclusive, but go hand in hand, because we cannot understand non-feminist education," he said.

"Both of these struggles must be dealt with together at Confech, because otherwise we will not do full work."

New student representatives added that they wanted to turn to issues such as "debt, profits, which still attacked various institutions, and universal gratuities."

Delayed problem

When recalling the takeover of the Central Building, Larrondo stressed that the occupation "was a progress, the chancellor was able to negotiate and dialogue with the composers who were there, but there were many shortcomings."

As such, he stated that they would also work for "workers' working conditions and student health".

In addition, Larrondo warned that one of the problems that would be of concern was the refusal of conscience from the campus about the issue of abortion.

"We have an institution that has not dealt with the problems that we have treated as students, which is an objection from institutional awareness that occurs in community health centers and we always oppose it."


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