Wednesday , December 2 2020

Find out what people ELEMENT powder containing a cancer that will produce

scandal It shakes the cosmetics industry, and after a series of health will be revealed documents proving the existence of dangerous element among those that are used to create a baby powder.

As taken from Reuters The, a number of documents showed that from 1971 to 2000, powder company Johnson & Johnson he gave positive for small quantities of asbestos, Number of minerals used in industry for the isolation and It is associated with the beginning of cancer.

US investigating agency also brought to light executives, managers, scientists, doctors and lawyers Johnson & Johnson worried about the problem and how to solve it, but They are not reported regulatory bodies and public authorities.

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Rumors of toxic elements in baby powder and then started a number of requirements, cosmetic company facedlarger 6000 cases They claim that their product created by them, as different types of cancer a tumor in the ovaries.

Despite the lawsuit, J & J has deprived confidential reports and allows you to backup data from prying eyes, where and the company, and external laboratories, show that contain a "fiber form" and the "core" of asbestosBusy term asbestos.

A few months ago, the top US health authorities (FDA, for its acronym in English), conducted a study with samples of the product, which is not revealed the presence of asbestos. However, this did not prevent the jury in Missouri in July ordered the company to pay 4,690 million dollars to 22 women and seven & # 39; families who blamed ill after using the product for children

from Johnson & Johnson They believe that "any proposal" that the company "I knew I hide information about the safety of talc with a & # 39 is false".

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