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He did not hide details Fritanga after «Resistiré»


Followers of reality «Resistiré» Mega must know that there is a delay of about a month between what gives the channel and what is actually happening.

Because it was a surprise, as was confirmed by the output Felipe "Fritanga" UrruaKnown YouTuber left «Resistiré» not elimination, but for medical reasons.

«Fritanga» suffered from acute gastroenteritis, which earned him to experience a loss of about 15 kilograms of weight. That is why we have chosen the healthiest: leaving the conclusion to recover.

Portal Page 7 spoke with the now declassified exchico reality and the motivation to get out there, and his health if it enters into the program of the same genre.

"I went down a lot of weight in reality. I never went hungry, now I'm hungry, because I wanted to. I did not eat, I spent workout and drink clean water from the wild garlic, In addition, rather than seduce, I sent his men to do evil, "have begun to comment.

Then he said, true to his personality, which went very thin and was "best for human Gordita"We add that ate only" a few grains of lentils "in the day.

Finally, he explained that, in spite of the disease, the affected, had a good time in reality. "The experience was good because I did not commit to battle"He said.

If you enter a different reality, it was quite clear: "Go back to another reality, but to charge more than the next"He concluded.

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