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He tried to attack the UFC fighter with a gun cardboard in Brazil and got the beating of his life – Other Sports

© Twitter @Polyana_VianaDF He tried to attack the UFC fighter with a gun cardboard and got the beating of his life

Glade Vian in Brazil is waiting for a taxi when antisocial approached and threatened to pick up the phone.

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Mixed martial arts, glade VianaI did not expect to spend time bad while he was waiting for a taxi outside his home in Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro.

All this happened when a man came up and tried to snatch the cell that provides the carrying of weapons. I did not expect that this issue had to be reduced severely beaten «The Iron Lady», as the nickname of the fighter, who won a record 10 matches and two defeats in the UFC.

Viana told what had happened, said TN gathering, and said that the robber told him: "& # 39;do not try to respond, because I'm armed. "That's when he went and made as if they put a gun in my back, but I realized that it was too soft to be a gun".

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He also explained that, when she was sure he did not show a weapon, decided to attack. ' "I gave up two hits and struck out. The offender fell, and then caught a lion kills. I kept it there, and then put him in his place and told him that we wait for the police "

In response, the man did not even react, said the athlete, who had asked to let him go or call the police, but do not knock it.

The president himself UFC, Dana White responded through his Twitter account in fact, he says that this is a very bad idea to try to steal the "Iron Lady."

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