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Horst Paulmann and the role of Christopher Piñera in Cencosud: knew him when he was hired


Driver Cencosud showed that only a few months after being hired by the company was informed that the son of President Sebastian Pinera was a part of the holding innovation. And when he was fired when he was told that he would stop his work for the. "We do not employ children of politicians," he said about there was any favoritism towards Piñera Morel.

Just a few days ago left PKDA plane to Asia, short inset shows in the evening that after one year and nine months in the holding Cencosud, Cristobal Piñera Morel was no longer part of the company, where he became manager of innovation.

For the company it was necessary to clarify that not a psychologist and an MBA from the & # 39 is part of the series, especially when you consider that the president's son was getting on the plane a delegation of business circles.

This morning, during a meeting of the shareholders of the holding company Cencosud controller Horst Paulmann said he recently met Piñera Morel after a few months in the company.

He said that while the general director of the company, Jaime Soler asked human resources if they have notified the employer that the president's son worked for the company and in fact in the same corporate building.

Paulmann said he met a young and also showed that, if you leave it a few days ago, when he resigned shortly before from the & # 39; Congress in China. It was impossible to knowledge, he explained, because in signing 130 thousand people work.

The businessman added that "it is difficult" son of the president, and big business because they have to deal with wearing these names, but said that in this case there is no favoritism with Piñera Morel. "We do not employ child politicians or politicians," said a businessman in a series of consultations after the shareholders' meeting.

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