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How to lose more than 80 pounds by losing just a pound a week

Teresa Lavigne weighed over 190 pounds when he set out to lose weight 28 years ago. He was 31 years old and he knew that he could not live a lifetime with such weight, as it would lead to serious health problems, in addition, would limit his life in almost all daily tasks. Today he is 58 years old, and the scales show a much more normal figure: he weighs 110 pounds.

However, these three decades of the weight loss process have been difficult: during all this time, Teresa has experienced many ups and downs that have ruined much of her efforts. However, he never gave up, and this brought him an award from an organization involved in promotion healthy weight loss Between people.

Photo: Ten tips on how to lose weight without fear of the rebound effect
Ten tips on how to lose weight without fear of the rebound effect


The summary of all this time is abbreviated in one sentence: “I start living at 59 years oldBut it was not easy: over these three decades, Teresa lost weight as easily as she gained it again. Any weight loss process ended abruptly, and her body felt a rebound, gaining all those pounds again. So far.

New life

Teresa shared her experience with the Daily Hampshire Gazette in hopes of helping others who face the severity of the scale on a daily basis. His process was not easy, and in fact it was not entirely effective until two years ago he faced a situation that made him think what will be in the future since then.

The day he had to call the police to help him enter the house was marked before and after his life

Months ago, this woman was involved in a car accident that again resulted in weight loss, less movement. However, the worst thing is the two falls she suffered at the door of her house, and because of which she had to call the police to help her enter the house because he could not climb the stairs. This led him to the final decision to lose weight.

He was 58 years old and he took a step forward: “I said to myself, ‘What will I do with my life? I will be stuck in an apartment on the second floor. Even if you were in a wheelchair, you could go upstairs. But I’m not going to do anything on the second floor. “I was sitting there waiting for the police to come. I had to climb the stairs for a long time, and I said to myself,” I want to take my nieces on vacation again.

Walking 30 minutes a day required 80 pounds to lose weight (Tara Robinson for Unsplash)
Walking 30 minutes a day required 80 pounds to lose weight (Tara Robinson for Unsplash)

From that moment on, Teresa Lavigne made a commitment to achieving a healthy weight and did so through a balanced diet and exercise. In his life, he introduced sports (cycling, kayaking, swimming or gym) and managed to lose 28 pounds in 2018, 25 in 2019 and 22 in 2020. Today he weighs 110 pounds, but you are still hoping to lose another 10 or 15 pounds in the future.

Victim of success

One of the things that excited Teresa the most was this be able to wear one of the dresses that his mother gave him shortly before his death: “I was able to do it, and said to my husband, ‘Mom is here with me.'” It could fit in her dress…

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How far do you need to go on a treadmill to lose weight


Become part of TOPS, the organization that promotes healthy weight loss habits, has helped Teresa for years. In fact, she has been one of the recipients of achievements in recent months, which strengthens her belief in wanting to continue to lose weight in the future, even though her falls have prevented her from following her guidelines for months.

Members of this group help each other try to lose weight and eliminate extra pounds. This is one of the recommendations of many nutritionists – do not do these weight loss processes alone, and Teresa has received the support of her husband at home and the support of her friends on the Internet and social networks.

The support of her husband and other TOPS colleagues has been fundamental to the success

Today, Teresa admits that she no longer eats a lot of sandwiches and snacks between meals. Diet and exercise helped him lose weight little by little, an average of a pound a weekthat is recommended by TOPS. So she has managed to lose over 80 pounds since she reached the bottom of the scale and feels like a new woman who has been reborn at 59 years old.

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