Monday , April 12 2021

I made the first superhumans? | mail

Lula and Nana twins a few weeks and really healthy. Nothing they do not pay attention to the naked eye, but cause scientific earthquake with a large magnitude. Because they are, in theory, the first people who were born after their genes have been edited. The team I Jiankui CRISPR technique used to remove the CCR5 gene, so that the girl sustained AIDS, cholera and smallpox.

Chinese scientist working at the University of South Shenzhen Science, he told the AP news agency on Monday, that has changed the genes of embryos seven HIV-positive couples who agree to undergo this kind of treatment of infertility, and the twins product singleton pregnancies went ahead. It was Grace, a woman whose partner, Mark HIV.

"He never thought that he could have kids"He said in a video posted on Youtube. If the result of this study suggest that it may take some time, China will open its doors in the "supermen" designed a la carte. Because, although in this case the modification is focused on the protection of the disease, the same method can be used to predetermine the various characteristics of the child. It seems fantastic, but it's not much more.

Logically, this is a discussion draft of ethical limitations of science. Just yesterday, 120 Chinese scientists have signed a letter of dismissal experimenting on people and demanded an investigation. Dr. Kiran Musunuru, University of Pennsylvania, says that it is an experiment that "not justified by moral or ethical standards." Others, such as Nicholas Evans, associate professor doubt the University of Massachusetts Lowell, that the result of the one that says, "you have made public the YouTube, and without performing the usual steps of the process of scientific evidence, it is very problematic. "and others branded as irresponsible threat to the lives of girls.

Chinese scientist defends ensure that Lulu and Nano "does not suffer from any other genetic mutation"He sees nothing controversial in the scientific breakthrough, which "provides an equal opportunity for healthy seven & # 39; ads." The fact that ethical issues have little weight in China enabled the country to make further progress in genetic techniques, such as CRISPR: 2015 Chinese scientists It succeeded for the first time, edit the human genome, although they have never tried to blossom embryos, which they did,

Now, no one doubts that, if confirmed, the experiment could be a breakthrough in science. It will also be a & # 39; be a legal challenge in the area where the genetic edition of people smoking, as the United States and the European Union, especially if it is shown that can be used to prevent the disease. "Society has to decide what to do now."

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