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"I was there, where other people to rape me and beat me to pass"


Marcel Aranda, a woman who has accused the deceased priest Renato POBAET, plunged into the abuse even judging the former leader of the Jesuits forced abortion three times.

Theologian said News, that the Jesuit priest "He started sexually abusing me with a lot of violence. I was there, where other people raped me and beat me by one, as he was looking at. "

"It was a period of eight years of abuse"He explained Aranda, who said that "it is the abuse of knowledge, power, and sex."

"The thing is, that makes me suffer, that he forced me to abort, not just once, three times"He said news.

January 27 Marseille Aranda said the first press of a complaint former chaplain Hogar de Cristo, which detailed the abuse took place in the period from 1985 to 1993.

Professional reported the incident to Bishop Charles Scicluna, sent by Pope Francisco's detailed abuses in Chile after the controversy that arose after his visit to Chile.

At present, the Catholic Church conducts studies were added to the testimony of other whistleblowers.

The product of these cases, the government decided to remove the statue and a memorial sign Jesuit priest in a city park to then bore his name.

Renata Poblet, who died February 10, 2010 at the age of 85 years, was an important figure in the Catholic Church, where he emphasized his role as chaplain Hogar de Cristo and his friendship with Father Alberto Hurtado.

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