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Improving the fingerprint reader on your Samsung Galaxy S10!


It is the most powerful mobile so far in 2019

Undoubtedly, since its introduction, the new flagship of Samsung latest mobile devices. As Samsung Galaxy S10 to S10 + -What we analyze in detail a few days ago, on everyone's lips. With design, screen and really great performance, Koreans tend to become a brand of the year.

Although without doubt one of the most interesting points of these terminals is your fingerprint in the ultrasound screen, being the first in the smartphone market using this technology, which on paper should lead to greater speed, accuracy and reliability of the phone is unlocked.

Nevertheless, the fingerprint reader of these devices is not quite perfect, like everything in life can be improved, With Android Central published a series of news portal tips or -básicos, but it is always good advice, and not just the best rate for unlocking the terminal, but also so that he can never.

How to improve the fingerprints Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +

Take the time to set the first time

We had just purchased our brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 + and the first thing we want to do is open the box and start using it. This is normal, but it is very important to set up everything correctly, so you do not have unpleasant surprises. Why spend the time to establish the fingerprint reader for the first time must be something important.

We believe that because of the technology used in the S10 reader, put his hand on several occasions and in different ways, and also creates a phone or on a flat surface while holding it in your hands. Thus, the terminal to get to know our fingerprints, and can be unlocked more quickly and easily. In short, provide all the information for the fingerprint reader, do not rush out and try to capture better than the thumb area.

Register thumb several times

The fingerprint scanner Samsung Galaxy S10 allows you to create multiple profiles tracks. Thus, we can unlock the terminal using any finger of your hand. But what we can do, it is also advisable- It is to record the same thumb several times in different profilesThus, the recorded area more and better information, so that the device always recognize us.

Triple Galaxy Camera S10 Plus

Practice your target

Another feature of the fingerprint reader from the & # 39 is that she & # 39 is much more sensitive than those commonly used, not recognizing our finger, if not installed correctly, the reader occupies all the space. Despite the fact that this is something that will be fixed with the practice to become mechanical movementIt is important to know what we have to correct our appointed thumb when trying to open the terminal. Very simple, but it is equally important to remember.

If it does not work … to re-register your thumb

If something is not so much time that solved perenastroek everything from the beginning. If the terminal does not respond to our trail, or when we see that it takes more account unblocked, it is best to enter the Settings section, delete our profiles and re our fingers quietly and patiently, without feeling rushed following the advice above.

Samsung expects to sell 45 million Galaxy S10 in 2019

Beware saver

This device requires as accessories to match. therefore we must be careful with the type of screen saver to buy for our new device, First, because protects the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 + should be a priority, and second, because, depending on the tread we buy, can lead to conflicts with the fingerprint reader, located on the screen.

For this reason, it is better to buy a quality and trusted brand accessory instead of purchasing the protectors of dubious quality that are not even protect your phone.

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