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In the era of post-rock Guns N & # 39; Roses nobody scares


Appetite for destruction – it is noisy album, which, however, is the same day as in 1987, and makes it mostly ballads, at a time when the band Axl Rose and Slash tells us that over the hard, impenetrable facade there is something like a heart, no matter what & # 39; e.

They are real outlaws!

This was the initial cry that Carlos Saul Menem, then president of Argentina in December 1992, issued when Guns N & # 39; Roses first came to this earth. "I would have them banned," – he concluded, but then may suggest unlikely adviser, it would make sense: "In the world they will criticize us as authoritarian, and I did not do it."

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Few concerts in Argentina were so intense stress, and I think that after this experience rock never returned to "palohalnuyu" country. In this sense, it was a swan song. Weapons reached the peak of its creative talent; they were Use your illusion, Double consecration, turning them over several days in the largest group in the world. In addition, in 1992 in Buenos Aires did not have much experience in mass events. In the eighties bands like Queen and The Cure, landed in the country, but the money kanvertovnasts only introduced a year ago, opened its doors to the raw way.

Guns N & # 39; Roses.

I was 9 years old, and Guns N & # 39; Roses were an important group in my life. I remember that I was watching the developments with great attention, as if I'm watching a dark melodrama, which is somehow linked to me. Someone began to spread rumors that Axl Rose and burned the flag of Argentina incredible myth that has been accepted as truth unmatched for decades to Empire fake newsWhat nonsense. The Group did not hold a press conference, never gave interviews & # 39; w, and even dedicated reporters, "Go into the ring" – lit, ultraviolet song, which mentions those who hated the name and surname. But his visit to Buenos Aires has become so dense that Axl had to offer a report to the central time to explain that he did not hate our country and that, frankly, he did not even know where he is. I recorded this interview & # 39; nd on VHS, I watched it a million times. "I do not know who said it, but I'd like it to burn," – said the night of the cold blue eyes.

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Like all Megastar, arrived in the country in those years, Guns N & # 39; Roses stayed in a comfortable Hyatt hotel rooms in and around Buenos Aires. This beautiful landmark building, which has a unique balcony that cut halfway facade and shows the location of the presidential suite. On this balcony, memorably, I came Slash, welcomed people who shouted at him from the street, dropped his pants and showed his ass. These buttocks adorned the cover of the newspapers the next day.

But the fact of such a traumatic stay occurred when a fan whose parents forbade her to attend a concert, committed suicide. It is called Kintz. When her father found her dead with a gun in his hand, she took a gun and killed herself.


All this accumulated mysticism, which for the first time & # 39 appeared in Latin America in the early 90s, began in 1987, when they started on July 21 Appetite for destructionHis first truly iconic album, noisy album, and not very well written, which nevertheless contains at least three instant classics: "Welcome to the Jungle", "Paradise city" and "Sweet child o & # 39 ; mine ". Cover today looks like a joke, a caricature, but at the time was actually pregnant (there is even a pre-release version, amazingly), illustration of the robot girl raped, they had to be replaced, because the stores refused to distribute the disc). Who were these "dangerous music", attracted to the skull nailed to a cross? All they had exaggerated a lot. Someone always drank whiskey, someone always smoked or was a drug addict; his position was bad, cruel children; expensive motorcycles, broken leather jacket, red eyes and long hair and turmoil, the last capillary rattle of the eighties, which gave skalpalu rock scandalous about the & # 39; volume.

"Welcome to the Jungle" – a song that always opened round. Indeed, this is a real welcome song: extended chords, returned to the point of exaggeration, and a sharp cry skinny singer who invited you enter into a dense, fuzzy place, as if to invite you to a forbidden party, to try unknown drugs: "Do you know where you are? you're in the jungle baby. And you're going to die, "he announced, setting theoretical bases drive. Today, with trap and reggaetonam, in the era of post-rock, Appetite for destruction It does not scare anyone. I hesitate to Google, but it is possible that there is even a children's version.

Guns N & # 39; Roses.

While Axl and Slash were archetypal rock duo formula: a charismatic singer, guitarist, silent and bad vibes. One of them was worshiped by women (Axl), second man (Slash). Jagger C. Richards and respectful each group must repeat this pattern. They also carried out another silent element of planetary bands: first drummer was expelled because he was too much garbage, The stage at which they played, were huge, so to see them live, it was a bit disturbing: they seemed to have had no communication as if there was no possibility of intimacy between them. True friendship between rock stars always a mystery, and we never end up knowing a & # 39 they are good friends or just people who, together with business colleagues.

Like a good hard rock album, Appetite for destruction he makes the summit in their ballads at a time when the artist tells us that over the hard, impenetrable facade, however, there is something like a heart, no matter what & # 39; etsya. This "sweet baby" or "my". Message text can not be more than trivial, and yet does not leave the impression (perhaps because it does not matter). Everything in it, a favorite subject on which he sings, reminds the narrator of his childhood. Smile, blue eyes: built on a series of continuous cliché open senior chords give intimate letters sensation of euphoria, sunny day. And here, of course, there is a slash Slash guitar, undoubted triumph of good taste. Solo "Slash" – is part of a noble tradition of those who can be punished. This melody line, which can be touched by hand, as the image is in the air. Its position on the stage, when the Gibson Les Paul always showed up, looks like the flapping of the artist in the air. Galleys and facial hair ends giving the sense of a set.

Guns N & # 39; Roses.

Appetite for destruction He ranks 11th among the most popular records in US history. This is not unimportant fact, although the list is headed impossible to guess the album: greatest hits Orlov. if Appetite for destruction it was launched, "Guns N Roses" immediately became the quintessential North American "Anzhelinas" proud capitalists hooligans before they took every opportunity to stick the flag Bars and stars, and even the flag of the Confederacy. they were too many Americans, if something like that was possible. In a certain sense we can say that the British pop, born a few years later, was the instinctive and the European response to those people who always seemed to swallow a Big Mac.

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Can you listen to the record now? Is it good to have survived the test of time sovereign? appetite a youth album Use your illusion This maturity disk. In this sense, perhaps, overcome the second turn of the century with greater dignity.


A few years ago, I lived in a house near the town of Kabalito, in Buenos Aires, a few meters from the Ferrocarril Oeste. Every Saturday he heard the cry of the rostrum, which celebrated the goal of his team (silence signified yet another disappointing defeat) and, as a rule, the concert sounds filtered out at the corners of windows. Neighborhood – a place full of ghosts, and in the northern part Kabality all races around the stadium. In addition, unlike the river courtyard, Ferrocarril Oeste is trapped between the buildings in which there is an old saying according to which "rent a balcony." Can I rent a terrace for others to listen in on Saturday and Sunday, the noise of the rostrum, the collective goals ditch, sad lament the wrong culprit?

Guns N & # 39; Roses.

And then in this hot day, I heard some chords that could not come from the other guitar, which was not a golden Gibson Les Paul de slash. Under the influence of a whore I went out onto the terrace and settled into a chair. I'm in what year? I have repeatedly asked myself, and pulled, and chords of "deciduous rain" applied as drops falling summer day. It lives in the city, I said to myself, delighted with the City of euphoria.

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I believe that it was the repair, closing the loop, which began in 1992, when the group was the same and was different, and first came to the country, who felt that she was afraid to modernize and those guys who have always been. Bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand, when there was a photographer. That night, on my terrace in Kabalito area, time has made one of his breaks, one of his parables. I was listening to a full concert of "Guns N & # 39; Roses" and, fortunately, did not see them, their image was unbearable until 2010. Axl was apuhleny pills and could barely move. But her voice remained, or maybe I'd like to hear it this way: as the voice of a skinny copper-haired man last year, which released the impossible peaks, running non-stop from one end of the stage to the other and wore a white shirt with the face of Jesus Christ who said: "kill your idols."

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