Friday , June 25 2021

Is not that a lot? Wom Kykkos filled the center of Sant & # 39; Yaga

Nha join the mob.

In an act of full maturity and rebellion, Wom filled Kikos Paseo Bandera in the center of Sant & # 39; Yaga.

When we thought about your viral campaign "I demand the right" in the middle of the discussion of the radio spectrum are now coming out with this intervention.

In the first virus that was a video, he showed, the Movistar, Entel and Claro (called «Clavistel») as a group Kikos not willing "to release the ball. ' Strange analogy with stripes theme.

Now they will not think of anything better than "awareness" people in the city center.

You judge. The only thing that is sure is that this issue will give something and need to hire a lot Wom Kikos to continue playing.

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