Friday , June 25 2021

It is reported that the Carabinieri special forces threatened to teenage accompanying Catrillanca

Up to 15 years, he accompanies Camilla Catrillanca at the time of his death, M.P.CHe would get threats by police after the arrest of his father in the early morning hours Thursday.

Jorge Palacios He was arrested by the military in order, in the commune of Ercilla, along with other Indians accused in alcohol Up & # 39; yanennya in public and committing mass disorder.

Nevertheless, the prosecution subsequently determined that it is not so, that they were under the influence of alcohol, so it was a closed issue.

According to Palacios, Carlos HuaquillanUncle teenager was with his 9-year-old son at a gas station in front of the police station Ercilla, when a child threw a stone at the start of treatment of the car. In return, he would receive a stream of water Carabinieri officers to the fact that his father would react to throw in a wheelchair.

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According to M.P.C and his father, after the arrest of officials Palacios they recognized the man and beat him, Create damage that has already occurred. Then they threatened the teenager, saying: "You will drive you, hueón».

The main judicial and legal unit of the National Human Rights Institute (NP) Rodrigo BustosHe said that the child "is under threat, as we have noted, the police. He would say that, when he falls, he will play worse than his father".

NIRCHP sued the alleged threat was reportedly received less than 15 years, which adds to the appeal of torture by public officials Gope.

The situation has led to the Minister of Internal Affairs Andres ChadwickTo instruct one study to determine the obligations.

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